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As you may or may not know, I've been on the search to find the perfect bike lately. My class schedule is a little jam packed and doesn't allow me to park my car without getting a ticket. So I wanted to find the perfect bike for city/campus riding that I could take with me in the next few years when I move to either Portland or St. Paul. I emailed the lovely cb from The Citybirds Nest and asked if she had any pointers for a newbie bike buyer and she was happy to help. Now she's here on Crafted Love to spread her never ending bike knowledge to you, my amazing readers. Now let me hand the floor over to cb!

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Hi my name is cb from the citybirds nest and i was soo thrilled that alison came to me asking for advice on how to buy a bike! being a bike riding chick myself i jumped at the opportunity to help another lady get on the road and ride! she also thought it would be a great idea to do a post on how to get started to help share my knowledge to all you lovelies. so here we go!

first things first.....there are TONS of bikes out there and bike accessories the only way to narrow it down is to think about the type of riding you want to do. for example...i use my bike as part of my commute everyday...i LOVE to wear skirts and dresses and often go on long distance rides with my husband, so the perfect bike for me is a mixte....a mixte is a mix between a ladies frame and road bike. it is a step through frame that allows me to wear skirts and dresses but has a sportier geometry making it easier for me to climb hills and ride comfortable for long periods of time. currently i am riding mary who is a 1969 raleigh. for my type of riding she is perfect! but do you just want to cruise around town or maybe you go on dirt trails, then maybe a dutch bike or mountain bike is more your style.

after figuring out the first step i have suggested to many ladies to go to your local bike shop and take a couple of bikes for a spin. don't feel pressured to buy anything what is key is feeling how each type of bike rides and fits you. i did a post about different bike fits here.

next is finding a style you like. i love classic vintage bikes so i lean towards older bikes or newer bikes with vintage aesthetics. the last step is searching for a bike. where do you go? craigslist is a great place to look for bikes but if you don't know what you are looking for you could end up with something you didn't want or can use. it can be a bit tricky but you can find great bikes for steals! on the other hand bike shops and stores are a perfect place to get a bike too! it also allows you to build a relationship with the riders and mechanics which can really come in handy! if you want to learn more about this i did a post about it here!

searching for a bike can be very daunting but don't worry about buying a bike that isn't right for you. bikes are huge right now and if your first attempt isn't a success no me i have had many a bikes that i just didn't can sell them for practically what you bought it for. and remember if you buy a bike you love you will have it forever

as the great freddy mercury from queen would say...."get on your bike and ride!"

i am always free to chat more if you have any questions just swing by the old blog and shoot me some questions! thanks alison for letting me nerd out to all your amazing readers!!



  1. great post and as always cb you've given us fab advice; thanks allison x


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