i heart instagr.am

I am in love with my Instagram app. It's so much fun. I'm just mad I spent the $2.99 for my Hipstamatic app when Instagram was free [not to mention the countless $0.99 purchases to get different "film" or "lenses" for the app] But the past is the past and Instagram makes up for it. If anyone has the app leave a comment and tell me your user name and I'll follow you!

My username is

If you have an iphone I definitely suggest you get the app! It's freeeeee


  1. I absolutely loveee instagram! :) So glad I found it. It makes taking camera phone pics so much fun :)

  2. cuuuute photos!

    i blogged about the prizes i won on your last giveaway! check it out!


  3. Hey! I LOVE your blog! I am also following you now on instagram! You should follow me to! I am now following your awesome blog as well. Come check out mine and maybe you could follow too.


  4. I actually just got an instagram!

    I just have no idea how to post multiple pics like you did all together.


  5. Hi! I found you via Scissor Quirk. Love your blog! My profile on instagr.am is: amariebell. I love this app. It makes me look like a professional photog when I'm really just an amateur! My blog is Green Chickadees: http://greenchickadees.blogspot.com


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