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I'm a little late today in posting because I'm in the process of moving back into my house after a holiday at home. I thought my car was going to explode with how much stuff I had crammed into it. I swear I didn't think I was going to fit back into my room. I'm only half way done getting things back in order but it looks like I will miraculously fit everything in my little room!

I'll be back later today for a quick DIY post [maybe not so quick, we'll see]  that a lot have readers have asked me about lately. It's about how to get a custom navigation bar for your blog like I have, where buttons aren't just for pages but for any link you want such as my Crafts label link and link for my 24 Things post. So if you've been wondering how to do that, check back later tonight!

Also, one last thing... Mike and I have narrowed down our City Search to two cities... Portland, OR and St. Paul, MN. I thought it would be helpful and super fun to see if there are any bloggers out there from one of those two cities [Minneapolis would work as well] that would like to be a guest blogger on Crafted Love and tell all about their city? It would really help us out to hear from a townie about the pros and cons of living in your lovely city! If you're interested or know anyone who might be, please email me at craftedlove[at]gmail[dot]com!


  1. I am from Portland, Oregon and I am born and raised here. There are a lot of great things about portland- like Portland is #1 micro-brew per capita in the world, lots of organics, 1 hour from the coast, 1 hour from the mountain (skiing), lots of arts and crafting here like wwww.craftywonderland.com. Also there is a new show coming out called Portlandia :) Con I think would be that it's a small city- its not a metropolis like LA/NYC. Also you have to have a car here- we do have good public transportation and the max. :) The weather is a lot milder then Minnesota, but lots of rain.

  2. I adore that song!!!! specially the lyric! yeahh! very inspirational!


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