my new purse and some exciting news

I finally found my new purse! I was out for lunch with Mike uptown at Miami and decided to stop by this little indie shop and see if I might be able to find something I liked. I've had the same purse for forever it seems and it was starting to wear out and had a few holes. We looked around the shop for a bit and I spied this beauty sitting on a shelve behind some clothes. I liked the grey color with the brass contrast and it seemed big enough that I could fit my laptop in it for classes. I'm also a big fan of when purses have the option to be worn as a shoulder bag or as a cross body which my last one had as well as this one. 

And then I saw it...

The minute I saw it's super cute yellow floral pattern inside I was sold. Ever pocket is lined with it and I am in love. I can't wait to walk around campus with it on Monday when classes start back up again.

And now for the exciting news... tomorrow I will be featuring my very first giveaway here on Crafted Love! I'm crazy excited about it and have been planning it for a while. I'm including a bunch of my favorite things as well as a few things from my shop [one which has yet to be aired!] so check back early tomorrow so you can enter for a chance to win!!!


  1. oh WOW! i loved it and THEN i saw the lining! haha.
    i'm always a sucker for a bag with a cute pattern inside!:) congrats on finding a bag you love!

  2. I absolutely love this bag!!! The lining is great too. It looks like it could hold a laptop or a DSLR. I am addicted to big bags.


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