photo dump... puppies & snow

 A couple days ago Mike and I were at the mall doing some last minute shopping before I moved back to Oxford. I'm on the look out for a new purse [no luck so far] and we decided to stop in at Fetch, the pet store.

Mike and I really want to get a dog. Of course not from a pet store, but it's still so fun to go play with the little guys and think about some day when we can finally have one. We both want to get our first dog from a shelter. There's always a demand for puppies. Not so much for the older guys [sadface] I really love Boxers. Their faces are soooooo cute and I think they would be a great first dog to figure out the training as well as live in an apartment.

I see us becoming huge dog people [although I will always need a cat in the family... i can't give up the hilarious personality that comes with felines] because we also want a German Shepherd. I've loved these dogs since I was little. They seem so protective and loving. Sometimes they get a bad rep but I believe in Nurture Vs. Nature when it comes to dogs.

P.S. I was surprised to see a Dalmatian at the pet shop. I haven't seen one of those in forever! Honestly, I thought they might be a dying breed!!

Look at that snowballllll soooo cute!! I just loved the little Boxers. They also had a Boston Terrier but lots of people were looking at him so I couldn't snap a pic.

Yesterday, Mike and I went to Perfect North Slopes in Indiana. I hadn't been in years so I was extremely excited! It's always such a rush to turn the corner and see the snowy mountain in the distance when there's no snow anywhere else.

We started off snowboarding for a while. I'm a much better skier so eventually we switched.

This pic was my photo for the day in my 365 Challenge. I'm using only Instagram for this challenge. You can follow my photos on here as well as on my Flickr page.

It was such a pretty day and the weather was pretty mild. I was able to just wear a light jacket the whole day. By the end of the day Mike and I were zipping through the trees doing funny jumps over dips in the snow. We had a ton of fun. I'm so sore today though. But it's worth it. Hopefully whatever city we decide in our City Search has some awesome slopes because I might get a season pass!
Speaking of City Search, I've got two guest bloggers lined up from Portland and St. Paul to help with the decision as well as tell all you lovely readers about what's to love about each! I'm very excited about it so make sure to check back from time to time about when those will be popping up!

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  1. Dogs at pet stores make me so sad :( I really wish they didn't keep them in those little cages, but they are totally adorable!


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