photobooth fun and a letter

Yesterday Mike and I finally put up my backdrop in my room. Well Mike put it up and I kind of helped. My walls are pretty bare and we aren't allowed to paint so I figured this would act as a tapestry of sorts while I wasn't using it for a home photobooth. So we set up my tripod and started having fun with it.

Mike didn't feel like taking pictures at first because he was eating his pudding. That's no excuse if you ask me. And so the epic photo booth session commenced.

At this point I think Mike was being a doof because I took his spotlight. I'm not totally sure. There were so many pictures being snapped.

I have a total of four backdrops right now but my blue one just wasn't looking right with the lighting in my room. I may have to scrap that one and use it for Etsy creations instead.

I think there is a huge difference in muscle tone here. On a side note, I've downloaded the 100 Push-ups app for iPhone and I'm determined to gain some upper arm strength this year without leaving my house. We'll see how this goes...

I really wanted to get some outside shots too but it's just way too cold to take off my winter coat for even a second. For now, my home photobooth will do just fine, but I do love natural light the best. Warm up Ohio!!!

I got a letter from my lovely friend, Haley, the other day. I love love love snail mail and always do a little happy dance when I find a letter in my mailbox. I will be writing back soon, Haley!


  1. aww you're welcome!
    i love snail mail tooooo<3

  2. :) photobooth shots are my favorite and yay for snail mail ♥


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