[sewing] infinity scarf tutorial

I had one of my lovely readers ask [maybe beg... lol just kidding :) ] that I share how to make the infinity scarf I sewed up yesterday. I didn't have time to make another for the tutorial so I just drew up a diagram so hopefully it's clear. It's a super easy project and once you see the tutorial you'll think "Geez, that's easy!" So here you go...
 Start by cutting out a piece of fabric in the above dimensions. It can be larger or smaller depending on how you want your scarf to look. The 12" side decided how thick the scarf is and the 6' side is how far it will hang down once you put it on.

Fold the long sides together [at the risk of no one knowing what I'm talking about, you fold it "hotdog" style] and sew the cut edges together [about 1/2" from the edge] Then flip it inside out so that the frayed edges are now on the inside, not visible when you wear it.

With the seam facing up and centered on the scarf [the seam is shown by the solid line in the center] fold the fabric in half so that the frayed edges meet and the seem is still facing up. Sew these frayed ends together. You are almost done!

Once your edges are sewn, flip it inside out once more so that the seem is on the interior side. Throw it over your head, wrap yourself up and wander outside into the cold! You now have a simple infinity scarf!!! It's so easy, why not make one in every color and different widths??? Have fun! I'd love to see pics if you try it out. Link me!


  1. I love infinite scarves ! I make mine out of old tee shirts ! This is a great tutorial, very easy to read :)


    No matter what I was doing this during the weekend and now any possible guess work has been illuminated! I hate guess work, haha.


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