some fabulous DIYS floating in the blogosphere...

I just wanted to drop by and leave some amazing tutorial links I've found out there in the blogosphere. Even if I don't have time to do a tutorial every week, who says I can't show some off awesome tutorials other bloggers out there are doing. These two are definitely on my very long to do list...

I l-o-v-e pie. Like I could eat cherry pie for every meal if I didn't think I'd die a few years early from malnutrition. I am now recalling a Thursday Treasures I did forever ago where I found a pic of these. I thought they would be perfect for making a batch and freezing so you could pop it in the oven whenever you wanted a mini pie. Of course they'd be good for gifts too, but I think I might find myself eating them all!

If I didn't already have an awesome yellow Jo Tote, I would definitely do this for myself. I love the fabric she used too! It might be fun to do it with a smaller purse than my Jo Tote so I could carry my camera even on a normal day. Maybe even for a present or two.... :]

Definitely head over to those blogs and check out these DIYs. They are to die for! Tonight is a ladies night for me. The housemates and I will be staying in and having girl time. Possibly venturing out into the cold later on but no promises :] Have a lovely night! 


  1. I want a bag like this for my camera SO bad! thanks for sharing this :)


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