the story of us...

I had someone ask me how Mike and I met on my Formspring account the other day and figured it was about time I finally tell that story on here. So sit back, perhaps pop some popcorn, and enjoy the story...
* * *
It all started during the summer after I graduated from high school. Actually, scratch that, it really started in January of my Senior year. When I turned 16 my parents wanted me to work at this schnazzy gourmet grocery store, Dorothy Lane Market, because they wanted the family discount. I, however, wanted nothing to do with the place.

It seemed like everyone from my high school worked there and I'm not the kind of person who likes awkward run-ins with people you never talk to but now feel obligated to do so. So instead, I worked at Donato's. For all of one month before I decided that pizza was NOT my thing. Enter DLM.

I started working in January and came in one day for my orientation and store tour. I met with my manager, walked around all the departments and learned the history that is Dorothy Lane. As we perused through the produce department and turned the corner to the meat department I noticed a rather cute boy standing behind the counter. I was always a fan of longer shaggy hair and if anyone could make a DLM hat look good, this boy did. I was an extremely shy 18 year old at the time so when he looked up at me, I quickly looked away and went on with my tour.

A few days passed and it was time for my first day of work. I was a closer at the time and my nightly duties were pretty much just to stock the floor and clean up after the day shift workers. The cute boy fro the meat department passed by the produce back room many times and tried to strike up a conversation. Like I said before, I was shy and some-what awkward when it came to talking to people I dind't know. So my responses were very short and few.

On Prom day, my best friend [who also worked at DLM] and I went into work to check our schedules as well as say hi to our managers who wanted to see our hair all pretty. While we were in the back, guess who we ran into... Cassie started talking to the guy from the meat department [I still had no clue what his name was] and I noticed he kept looking at me but never spoke directly to me. After what seemed like hours, they finished talking and we left. Phew. After that, the boy stopped talking to me or coming by the produce department to say hi. I didn’t know why but I was also focused on graduation so I didn’t think much of it.

Skip to July after graduation. I started working the day shift at DLM and by this time I began to realize that the meat guys could be quite the womanizers and were always up to no good. A few of the other meat guys would come over and bug me about random things. Mainly that I needed to go talk to this guy named “Mike”. I had no clue who they were talking about so I tried to just ignore them. They had to be up to no good. Finally after what seemed like days of being harassed about this “Mike” guy, I walked through the meat cooler over the their department, peeked my head around the corner and yelled “Hi Mike!” and guess whose head popped up? The cute guy who hadn’t talked to me in forever.

Starting a relationship before college was definitely not something I planned on doing so I figured ‘what the heck, what do I have to lose?’ If he thinks I’m a loser, who cares, I’m leaving for college in a month. I could use the practice of getting to know new people anyway. So later that night I did what any person would do in the technological world we live in today, I sent him a friend request on Facebook. He must have been online as well because about 10 minutes later he accepted the friend request and we started talking via Facebook Chat. It turned out we had very similar tastes in music, style, and a bonus, he liked hockey. In fact, he was a hockey player and I swore I’d never date a hockey player based on hockey players that I’ve known in the past so this would only ever be friendship. It turns out, he mistook my shyness for hating him, so he eventually gave up trying to talk to me at all at DLM.

We chatted for hours until I was close to passing out from exhaustion. Oddly enough, we found out that one of his best friends at the time lived right next door to me. He came over to my house the next night and we laid out in the driveway looking up at the stars and talked for hours again. I’d never been able to talk this easily with a guy before and I’ve been surrounded by mostly guys my whole life. Somehow we got on the topic of Yellow Springs and he asked if I wanted to go with him. It didn’t seem like a typical date so I figured it wasn’t anything more than friends going to hang out.

So later that week, Mike came to pick me up to head to Yellow Springs where he realized I take a LOT of pictures. He didn’t mind at all, in fact, he was a great model :] We walked around all day and ended up eating ice cream feeding goats at Young’s Jersey Dairy. I had never had so much fun in my entire life. As we drove home I found myself getting sad that the day was almost over. We ended up going to a playground instead of going home and spent tons of time just laying on the play set talking.

Finally as we were driving back, it was almost midnight, we were passing a golf course that had it’s sprinklers going. I thought out loud “I bet it’d be fun to run through those sometime”. Just as I said that the car came screeching to a halt. Mike pulled a U-turn in the middle of the street and said “what better time than now?” I think that’s the point I realized this wasn’t going to be just a friendship. I had fallen for him in only 12 hours. We ended the night soaking wet from running through the sprinklers and of course the night was sealed with a kiss. And as they say, the rest is history. [insert ooey-gooey ‘awwwww’s here]


  1. That's a cute story! And you guys make such a cute couple!


  2. awww what a sweet story :) i like hearing how people met!

  3. fjghbalwrhkgbfvabclawhrbglqig!!! I hope one day that I have a relationship half as good as urs and mikes :)


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