Thursday Treasures

It's a snow-pocalypse! There's snow everywhere and there's no sight of it ever stopping!!! Ok, well that's a little over dramatic but it is snowing like crazy over in my neck of the woods. Perfect for hiding out in my room with a cup of tea and getting my to-do list done!!! Before I jump into that, here are somethings I'm oooh'ing and ahhh'ing over this week...

Infinity scarves! I love how they look with an outfit.

I love love love kitchen gardens. Now that I'm learning to cook well, I might try starting one myself. Even if I don't cook enough, I love the greenery!

How awesome is this DIY grocery market for the kiddos!?!? I'll definitely be making one of these for my nieces/nephews/future future future children. 

Super cute decor! Perfect for Valentine's Day or all year round! I love Love!

Cute decoration DIY by Craftaholics Anonymous. I love the poofs!

I know this is just a painting, but wouldn't this be awesome!?!? I'd go on adventures all the time!

A funny take on Valentine's Day. I've promised to try and not hate it this year. Maybe next week's Thursday Treasures might be Vday inspired just to show how hard I'm trying :]


  1. hello love! i love all of these things...that infinity cute...i really love them! the kitchen garden is so fresh and husband would love it *he's the cook*
    and i love that valentines garland pretty!!

    hope you're having a lovely day miss.


    ps thank you for letting me know about the button...i just grabbed one of yours and am putting it on my blog love page pronto!!

  2. i love the lighting decor and the bike lol :)

  3. ohhh!!! so cool, love your post and blog!! im a new follower!!

    Look my blog and if you like it, follow me!!!

    xx :)


  4. Ok so for sure if I were a kid I would want a grocery market. it looks so cool!



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