Thursday Treasures

Today's Thursday Treasures will be a little short. I've got a pretty big load of work I need to get done at the office and honestly, I'm not feeling like blogging much [definitely not normal for me] Hopefully after work I'll be in a better bloggy mood :]
I realize this print is geared towards the kiddos in your life, but I get really bored and could use something like this. Of course, with more grown up things to do. But I need to stop defaulting to watching TV and start finding more productive ways to pass time!

Um, yum. I loooove sunny-side-up eggs soooo much. Mainly because I can eat around the yolk and they look pretty lol but this would be perfect for Vday!!!

Cupcakes in mason jars! Win! I love love love this idea.

I love this geeky Valentine's Day card. It's so cute and definitely fits my design personality.

I'm not sure how I feel about whatever spread is on the toast... I hate nutella and it looks to be nutella. Eek. But I love love love the strawberries! So cute!

I'm in the process of not hating Valentine's Day so a lot of these are holiday-esque. I'm still not sold on the holiday but at least I'm trying!!


  1. You hate nutella?? How can you HATE nutella? I'm off to eat a Graham cracker smothered in nutella. ;-)

  2. friend! how can you hate nutella? nutella on anything makes my life a little sweeter :)

  3. great findings I am going to have to try a couple of those.

  4. ohhhh, i loooove strawberries on toast! soooo yummy.
    ps. i finally emailed you :)

  5. I must say I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day but looking at everything I am startin to like it!

    Valentine's Day

  6. I LOVE the bored board. I need something like that, but I, too, tend to end up with the television.

  7. Those cupcakes in a jar are so adorable!

  8. i like the idea of the cake in a jar. very cute!


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