a trip [perhaps a fall] down memory lane...

I was going through my iPhoto app today and stumbled across my Senior pictures. Prepare for a photo heavy post. I just had to share. Lovely readers, meet 17 year old Allison Kaye...

Yes, I did rock Chuck Taylors secretly under my prom dress.

Last one's a little blurry for some reason :/

These photos were taken by the amazing Nicole Kessel. I can't speak enough praise about this amazing lady. I definitely recommend you hop on over to her blog and check out her most recent work.

Looking at them now, I really haven't changed all that much. I may have lost some of the baby face seen in a few photos but that's about it! I guess that should be a good thing?


  1. these photos (and you!!) are beautiful!!

    i'm totally having a major case of photo envy. :O

    xoxo, Lauren

  2. what an awesome walk down memory lane! the photos, one and all, are fab lades. thanks for visiting me so i could find you. great space and love your pompom garland creation. ♥

  3. Thanks for dropping by, Allison! :) It is so nice to reminisce, the pictures are beautiful!

  4. Lovely photos :) I'm in love with your hair!

  5. Allison, these are great photos. You're so photogenic.

  6. Such lovely memories, I bet! Love your chucks, and the treatment to the last photo is especially fun :)

  7. As a seventeen year old, high school senior now, it is hard to believe that one day I'll be nostalgic for my senior pictures! These are lovely, though, truly. Thanks for stopping by my blog, hope you come back!

  8. Pretty pictures. You have beautiful hair. Yes that's a good thing if you still look like yourself at 17 :)


  9. you have such pretty, pretty eyes. and yeah, you do look pretty much exactly the same!


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