trying out the singer...

I tried out my new [old] singer today to see how big of a difference there is between newer models and this lovely vintage beauty [who I decided to name Trudy] I started out with something super simple and found out that there is a huge difference.

There is not reverse option on Trudy so at the end I had to tie the ends myself. And she makes a LOT of noise. Wow. But she's good for simple projects. 

I made an infinity scarf! It's super warm and made out of a stretchy jersey knit material. It's not for me though. Mike wanted a grey infinity scarf so I said I'd make him one. I'm not sure how durable this guy is, I feel like the stitching isn't as strong as it should be for something that's going to be stretched over your head. We'll see. It was super easy to make so if I have to re-do it I won't be terribly disappointed :]


  1. What a pretty sewing machine! I would love to learn how to sew! The infinity scarf looks really well made too!

  2. Tutorial for the infinity scarf? It'd prolly be super easy! Please? Pretty please?

  3. I know what I'm doing this weekend! ;-)

    You started following me on Twitter and so I found your blog that way (just the way you planned it, haha). And you win! This tutorial won my heart so I'm a new reader! I hope you make your way to my blog and return the love! ♥

  4. I have this machine! It was my great aunt's (I found you by googling 'teal singer sewing machine' while trying to find out the official model name of it)...and there is a reverse option. You just have to flip the lever right above the on/light knob from it's normal position at the bottom of the slot, up to the top...I don't think it's marked to indicate that though. 


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