Weekend DIYs

Just in time for a relaxing weekend, here are some awesome DIYs floating around the blogosphere for you to try out! I wish I could do every single one I find but I think that's wishful thinking!!!

A super cute crochet heart perfect for Valentine's Day! This lovely tutorial is from Between The Lines and I'm imagining a bunch of these guys in different colors placed in some sort of vase. Too bad I get massive headaches from knitting/crocheting [sadface]

I love this dry erase calendar from Celestefrittata. It would look cute mixed in with my cork board inspiration boards!

I can't even explain how much I love this DIY from Giver's Log. I've made a cupcake stand out of vintage vases and platters [speaking of which I have yet to blog about that] but I would love to do this with some of Target's amazing new spring melamine sets.

I don't wear much jewelry [trying to change that] but I do want to make one of these Jewelry Bust forms for my mom who makes AWESOME jewelry. I've been trying to convince her to open and Etsy shop but so far no luck. Someday. I found this lovely tutorial on Design*Sponge, one of my favorite blogs ever

* * *

Later tonight Mike and I will be doing the Regional Dialect Meme Video that has been pretty viral around the blogosphere. I don't think I talk too much out of the ordinary for Northern U.S. but we shall see. It will be my first Vlog and I'm slightly nervous about posting it [I think I sound weird on camera] but it's got to happen some time and what better way than to show everyone how Ohioan's talk. Check back later tonight for that!

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  1. I could do one of those calenders! A great idea, if I should make one of those too!


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