what's in my... iPhone?

I've definitely done my fair share of What's In My Bag posts and everyone has to know by now that I'm hopelessly obsessed with my iPhone. So I thought it'd be fun to share my favorite apps that I couldn't live without. Don't have an iPhone? Most of these apps can be found in the Droid/Blackberry Marketplace. Don't have a smart phone? No worries, I'll be back later today with another post :]

Just a few highlights of ones I use constantly from top to bottom... 

Flashlight - This app uses the flash from the camera to light up the room. You'd be amazed at how bright this thing gets. It's blinding to say the least. This one, however, only works on the 4G iPhones since the earlier models don't have flash capabilities.
Discover, Chase, and myWireless -  all apps that keep me up to date money wise. I can pay my Discover bill on the go, check my funds with Chase and find an ATM, and pay my AT&T bill with myWireless. These guys make my life so much easier.
iheartradio - My work day would be pretty boring without music in the background. It can get tiring listening to the same albums over and over again on my iPod app so switching it up with the radio cane be nice. Plus I love listening to Elvis Duran in the morning.
Shazam - hear a song and don't know what it's called? Shazam to the rescue. I have so many song tags on this app that I need to go out and buy.

Dropbox - If you go to the website, you can download the file onto your computer. You can throw what ever files you want into it and then be able to either bring them up on any computer or on your iPhone. I love it for keeping images of ideas I have so I can reference them on the go.
RateMyProfs - I've been known to pick the worst teachers so I make a point to check Rate My Professor now. I prefer using the app to the website because it just feel much more organized.

Most of these games I've downloaded for my little cousins to play and keep them on here just in case they get bored while we're out. I will admit that Vampires was quite addicting when I used to play it, I just haven't deleted it because I'm a little OCD about having my folders completely full.

Flick Fishing - This is a pretty fun game for passing the time. It gets a little repetitive but that hasn't stopped me from spending hours on it.
Angry Birds - This game is insanely addicting. With thousands of levels, it never gets old. I don't recommend downloading it if you don't have much self control. It's hard at times to put it down.

Ah, social media. My favorite. What would I do without being connected to the world 24/7 [slight sarcasm] But really, it's nice to be able to stay up to date with things, especially being a blogger. Other than the obvious Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, Flickr and AIM...

Foursquare - If you haven't heard of it, this allows you to check in to places and become "Mayor" if you've been there enough times. A little childish you may say, and why would you want someone to know where you are... but it's great for discounts. I've gotten countless discounts from places like Express, Payless, and Macy's just by checking in and showing it to the cashier.
Spring - Formspring's iPhone app... it could use a little fixing but I've used it from time to time to answer questions from my account
Urbanspoon - I can be very indecisive and this app is helpful in telling me what restaurants are around. Or if I'm feeling super overwhelmed with the choices, I can shake it and have it pick a place for me!
BlogPress - perfect for on the go blogging, I can type up a blog post while away from my computer and either save it to look at later on my laptop or publish it right then and there.
MobileRSS - While I'm waiting for my Bloglovin' iPhone app to come out, this RSS reader works just fine. I can keep up with all the blogs I follow and some that I don't. My only issue with it is that you can't comment on the posts through the app.

I have many many many photography apps. Some i don't use often, or at all but like I said before, I like having a full folder :]

Instagram - One of my favorite apps, and what I'm using to do my 365 Challenge, this app lets you take pictures and then edit the filters afterwards. You can follow your friends and watch what pictures they take as well as upload your snap shots to Twitter and Facebook
PS Express - Exactly as it sounds, this is Photoshop Express. you can edit your photos on the go and save them as separate files on your phone.
8mm - The newest app in my collection, this allows you to shoot video and change the filter on it as well. Want to take a video like it's 1920? No problem!
Project365 - Thanks to one of my lovely reader's comments, I now have this awesome app. I can upload my picture a day for my 365 photo challenge and view it in a calendar. Pretty sweet!

TV Guide - Exactly as it sounds, check what's on the TV without getting on the computer
Scanner - Scan QR codes with this app and get directed to the website within seconds
Pandora - Just like the website, listen to your favorite stations until it kicks you off for 40+ hours of streaming :]
Paypal - Perfect for on the go. I love this app for blog sponsoring and Etsy purchases.
Etsy Addict - Scan through all that Etsy has to off. only bad thing is you can't purchase through the app. You can, however, favorite the item for later.
Kindle - Read free books on the go, straight from your phone. No need for the actual Kindle. Even better? You can have this app on your iPad too and have the best eReader on the best Tablet there is :]
WhatTheFont - I'm a font snob and my friend showed me this app a while ago. See a font you like and what to know what it is? You can snap a pic of it and it will tell you what it is or give you a similar font.
Quicklytics - I can check my blog stats on here and see where referring sites are coming from. Have a Crafted Love button on your blog? I already knew that :] I can see how many views are coming from your site, and trust me I will repay the favor :]
Netflix - Watch TV shows and movies from your iPhone but be careful, it kills your battery and runs up your data like you wouldn't believe.

Couch to 5K - This app does exactly what it says. It helps you train to run a 5K starting as if you had never run in your life. It lets you stream your favorite music while it coaches you to stay strong and push through the killer cramp in your side :]

Amazon - Scan barcodes and see if Amazon has it for less, also shop on the go.
Moviefone - Check what movies are out and even purchase tickets so you don't have to wait in line at the theater.

These are all pretty much self explanatory so I won't go into each and every one of these. They are pretty much just the mobile versions of the website and are perfect for keeping you occupied and up to date on daily news.

Well, I hope all you smart phone users now have some fancy new apps on your phones :] I'm actually reading a book currently called Hamlet's Blackberry. I haven't gotten to far into it but it's about dealing with life in this technological world and trying to not become obsessed with being connected 24/7... something I could use a little help in :] Have a great day! I'll be back later with a non-iPhone post :]


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    And thanks for this post too.. haha.. every time I convince my self I don't want an iPhone I see something like this & find myself reconsidering. Oh lordy.

    I am beginning to despise my poor BlackBerry!

  2. Ooh I like this! I miss my iPhone. :(


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