100 little somethings [26-50]

You've already read through my first 25 little somethings, now here are 25 more things you probably don't know!

26. Whenever I see a really scary movie and think I'm going to have nightmares I always watch Spongebob Squarepants and then I'm fine

27. I use humor to break awkward silences

28. I secretly want a black Corvette even though only grandpa's drive them

29. I'm a switch hitter [I can bat both right and left handed]

30. I'm a closet Tom-boy

31. Edward Cullen isn't the only one with a crooked smile. I smile slightly to the right

32. yes, I've read the Twilight books, but the movies ruined it for me

33. I hate getting flowers as a gift. I think it's mean to cut flowers for decoration only to have them die a week later

34. I eat half the spaghetti before it's even finished cooking

35. I hate all chocolate except for Hershey's. I know I'm weird

36. I could eat Fazoli's everyday for the rest of my life and be happy. And most likely die early but that's beside the point.

37. I don't care how much I make when I'm older, I want to live in a beautifully old house

38. I LOVE sushi but never eat the roll that sits near the wasabi in the pack. It always has a little on the bottom from where it got under the grass divider and it burns my mouth haha

39. I hate the color brown. It looks great for other people, but I'm just not a fan. I look bad in it, it looks bad on me, etc., etc. BUT! I am growing... I have lighter brown leather boots and I'm slowly starting to "appreciate" brown.

40. I've witnessed baby sea turtles hatching. It was such an amazing experience and awesome to think that we made sure they all got to sea safely :]

41. I never turn down a hand-me-down

42. I steal Mike's clothes when he doesn't like them anymore or they don't fit. I have countless hoodies and t-shirts from him lol

43. I rrrreally don't like football. Mike and my family should disown me because they all love it.

44. The four dogs I want [not necessarily at the same time]: Boxer, German Shepherd, Doberman Pinscher, and a French Bulldog

45. I have a mild obsession with containers and organizational things. Possibly a hoarding issue

46. I love picnics. love. love. love.

47. I've been told I do a wickedly awesome Lady Gaga. I'd dress up like that again if it wouldn't be weird.

48. My all-time favorite band is Lifehouse with a really really close second of Anberlin

49. I've never broken a bone but I've dislocated my elbow countless times when I was younger

50. I get horribly starstruck when I meet people that are remotely "famous". The occurrence usually ends in me being completely silent, eyes wide open, blushing, and even sometimes running off. Example occurrences: Lead singer of Anberlin, Bill Nye the Science Guy, lead singer of some band I'd never even heard of, the list will probably get longer


  1. you met bill nye the science guy?! sweeeeet! bill nye the science guy, bill, bill, bill, bill! love him.

  2. crooked smiles are my FAVORITE (Harry Connick Jr) ....
    ALSO: When my hubby sees a scary movie and can't sleep, he watches Hot Fuzz and Disney princess movies .. .
    you're cute!

  3. I am SO with you on the hershey's thing. I thought I was alone! I hate all other chocolate. I told my boyfriend if he ever felt compelled to buy me chocolate just grab a hershey bar and I'll be thrilled haha

  4. The sea turtle thing is fantastic! I'm jealous.

  5. I love #50! I can relate :).

    Just stopped by from the Indie Biz 3.0 website. Nice to meet you classmate :).

  6. So funny because I love sushi and I always eat the one closest to the wasabi.

  7. I'm also jealous that you met Bill Nye! What a great list!

  8. you're so cute. I enjoy reading your list and getting to know you better. I lov ehow unique you are :)

  9. well hi fellow indie biz classmate.
    just thought i'd say hi (& i love that this list is letting me get to know you better!)

    Also-- I am a fellow redhead. Gingers unite.

  10. Brown is my fave color. Just sayin'

  11. It was so crazy. And hard to resist not picking them up!

  12. Haha don't be too jealous. I was so starstruck I just stared :]

  13. Why thank you! I'm glad you enjoy reading!!!

  14. Haha brown just doesn't seem to like redheads

  15. Hello! I'm so excited for indie biz! And yay for redheaded blog friends! :]

  16. You're a stronger woman than I! Lol

  17. yay for meeting classmates! I'm so excited to start class!

  18. HI there... just found your blog via our little indie 3.0 class. I love your blog & really enjoyed your 100 little something posts. I need to do something like that. Anyways... I see that you're an architecture student. I went to school (and am working) in architecture as well. But I'm trying to focus on my own small business (stationery) as a way out! Where are you going to college?


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