100 little somethings [51-60]

Check out 1-25 and 26-50 if you missed them, here is a slightly shorter ten little somethings you may or may not know about me. Got a question? Ask me through Formspring and you might see it in the next list!

51. I only wear skinny jeans. Jeans with any sort of flare bug me when I walk

52. I love 1950's fashion and design. I think it's so feminine and beautiful.

53. I've only had short hair once in my life and I'll never do it again. In the third grade I cut my hair chin length and it turned into an afro [no, there won't be a picture of this one lol]

54. I never know quite what to say in conversations and sometimes come off as awkward

55. Sometimes after a conversation I obsess over what I should have said. I will replay the situation over and over in my head as if I could actually change it

56. When I was little I had huge kneecaps. Weird but I guess I just hadn't grown into them because, I assure you they are normal now. My Aunt called me P.K. which was short for Platter Knees which is now what I call my cousin, her son, because he's just like me :]

57. If you don't know me outside of the blog world you probably don't know that I'm 5'10". Yikes

58. I took Spanish in high school and could almost understand the language fluently, but for the life of me, could not compose a sentence to reply.

59. I love cardigans. I wear them year round and with anything from t-shirts to fancy dresses

60. I'm hesitant to mention my age for fear my readers will find it hard to relate. Hopefully that's not the case :]


  1. I ♥ the flats in your skinny jean picture!

  2. Thanks! They're Rocket Dogs. $20 :]

  3. Eek I'm 5'10 as well. I'm always glad to know other tall ladies because only we know the pain of being taller than boys and being afraid to wear heels! Oh and also being asked by strangers to get things off the top shelf at the market. :)

  4. Wow. I thought I was menacing to people at 5'8". Must be so hard to find jeans. It is for me. I agree with Jess. I hate wearing heels because then I'd be towering over everyone, even my husband. That and I'm extremely clumsy and just end up breaking something or someone or myself.
    Love hearing about different people. :)
    And your age doesn't make you off putting!

  5. I love skinny jeans also!! They are my favorite type of jeans!! Also, I'm 5'9", it's fun being tall!
    I also adore cardigans!! I have so many, but I still don't have enough!
    I hope that you have an amazing day!

  6. i am the samsies with conversations. i guess we will have an interesting one soon, haha.
    also i was hesitant to mention my age on my blog because i was afraid pepole would think i was an old lady, haha.
    and i love cardigans too. they are essential to pretty much every outfit.

  7. aww! this post is lovely! haha!

  8. I've been reading your blog through google and not coming to the site so I know I'm a little behind but the new blog design is DIVINE!!!

    51. I am the complete opposite. Skinny jeans make my ankles feel suffocated!!! I have on my first pair today actually. Only because I wanted to wear them tucked into my boots... 8 hours later and they're still bugging me.

    54. ME TOO!!! UGH. I swear I'm not anti-social. I'm not, right?


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