a birthday for a cure

I'm taking a little break from the Spring Cleaning series to announce some exciting news and something that is very special to me...

This May, May 10th to be exact, I will be hitting the monumental birthday that is 21. While some people might throw a huge party for this coming of age, I find it almost unfair. When I was 13 one of my close friends, Christopher, died due to complications from juvenile diabetes. I just can't seem to get fully excited about turning 21 knowing that he was robbed from experiencing it, so I've decided to celebrate my birthday in a different way.

I want to give my birthday away. I want to help find a cure for juvenile diabetes so that someday no child will ever have to worry about checking blood sugars or taking their insulin.

Type 1 diabetes is destructive to both children and to childhood. Controlling the disease requires 24/7/365 care. It includes eating a carefully calculated diet, checking blood glucose levels several times each day [by pricking a finger], and taking insulin injections - as many as six per day - or delivering of insulin through a pump just to stay alive. It means children and families living by the clock, day and night, for the rest of their lives—lives that turn out to average about 15 years less than normal.

This year, I'm asking for donations instead of gifts and cards. I've set up a donation page through the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation where you can track my progress and learn more about the event. I'm starting the fundraiser now and it will stay open until the end of May, by when I hope I will have raised $2,100.

I urge you to help JDRF and me with this fundraiser, every penny counts! Every bit of your donation will go towards research to find a cure for Type 1 diabetes. Even if you just help spread the word through Twitter, Blogging, or even simply clicking the Facebook "like" button on my fundraiser page it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your support!


  1. BellabeforenandafterJanuary 26, 2013 at 10:07 AM

    Hey Allison, wow, first of, I can't believe you are only turning 21, awesome. Second, I'm so impressed with your eagerness to help such a worth cause. I personally don't know anyone effected by this terrible illness, but, can't imagine how terrible it could be.

    I'm going to help out girl, and I am so proud of you, I wish more people would be as unselfish as you, and give back, Im really touched.


    Bella :)

  2. What a selfless action. Way to go girl!!


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