a few february goals

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1. find time to work out
I always feel so much more energized throughout the week when I have a work out routine. My schedule this semester is crazy hectic and I am busy with work or school from 8:00am until 6:30pm most nights. Needless to say, the last thing I want to do at 6:30pm is work out. It's hard to imagine I will actually feel more energized after a workout when all I want to do is pass out on my bed at the time. But I'm going to work on that!

2. gain 20 more followers
I'm hoping this is undershooting. I have a blog button on Elsie's page so I'm hoping that will bring in a lot of new readers. I'm just a little selfconscious about my low number of followers since the mix up with losing the follow widget and can't wait for that number to get bigger. So this means being more vocal in the blog world and commenting more on blogs I read. If only bloglovin' would make an iPhone app! I can't comment on the go with my current RSS reader app.

3. be better about money
Buy the off-brand products, we all know they're the exact same [except for Walmart. sorry, but I refuse to buy their brand] and start finding cheaper recipes for my Foodie Challenges. This includes just being conscious about what I'm spending. My money situation is still a little tight after Christmas [I do love to give presents] so I really need to buckle down and get back in the green :]

4. get my online portfolio figured out
I'm nearing my final year of design school which means job search time! Such a scary thought thinking about this crappy economy we live in today. Nevertheless, I believe in myself and know I will find a sweet job. But first, I must work on that portfolio! We're moving away from the days of print [thank goodness] and on to the technological side of things. There are a ton of awesome ways to display your work and I just need to figure out which on is right for me! This may mean breaking out that CS5 classroom-in-a-book and reteaching myself Dreamweaver. Eep!

5. try some new designs for Etsy
I love making my fabric flowers, now I just need to branch out a little bit and try some new designs. I've definitely dipped my toes in the whole bridal pool thing so maybe I will start making some more bridal pieces to have in the shop instead of doing just custom orders! On my list of things to try is a bridal sash for that extra bit of flair :] I really need a body form.

6. do more DIYs and crafts
Judging by the first wave of giveaway entries, you guys want to see more crafty things! I love crafting it's just hard to find the time while in class and working, but that's no excuse and I'm going to work on doing a DIY maybe every weekend. Fingers crossed!


  1. loving your goals! on the followers one you 19 away since I start following you yesterday and I came from bloglovin I think :/ anyhow I hope you make all these!

  2. I'm hoping to get my goals for the month up today as well!

    I love your goals though. Good luck! :]

  3. Working out is so tough during school when you go-go-go all day. This has been one of my goals for the year--just doing it more because it makes me happier and energized! I started slowly by getting up just 15 minutes earlier than usual to stretch a little and do some ab work, and then kept building on that.

    Also, I would love LOVE to see more DIYs. :)

    I'm off to write some of my own goals...thanks for the inspiration on such a snowy day!

  4. these are great! i need to find more time to work out too but have been sooo busy lately!
    i am currently working on some new designs too...yippeee!!


  5. ifeel ya. i want to get more subcribers too. I'm sure you'll do just fine :)

  6. I love your goals! I'm trying to set some money aside so I can stick my button on some of my favorite blogs, hopefully that will bring readers =]
    And I think it's always one of my goals to work out more often! haha


  7. I love your goals! I'd like to do something like this too, but I think I might wait until a little farther away from New Years first :)

  8. I'm pretty sure bloglovin' has an app that's going to be relesed soon, so don't worry! I'm waiting for that too!!

    Ps. Love the blog!



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