goodbye february

I can't believe another month has already come and gone but before I conquer March, I wanted to look back on my February goals and see how well I did at following them.

1. find time to work out
This goal, I've not been very good at sticking to. However, I will press on in March and try very hard to accomplish finding a work out schedule.

2. gain 20 more followers
Wow. I accomplished then and more. I actually ended up gaining 80 more followers this month. February has been a big month for Crafted Love. Readership has grown by leaps and bounds!

In fact, this little blog is listed as #25 on Bloglovin's top Craft blogs! I guess it's time to be a little more ambitious!

3. be better about money
I have been more conscious about money as well as being a little more strategic with grocery trips. Still a work in progress so I think I'll be extending this through March :]

4. get my online portfolio figured out
So far, I've just started putting everything on Flickr. I looked around at other options and for my current money situation [aka poor college kid] that seems the best for right now. Maybe I'll tweak with blogger html and see if I can make a blogsite for my portfolio work.

5. try some new etsy designs
I recently updated my shop with a fancy little floral necklace and hope to keep adding more fun jewelry items to my shop when I have the time. I had a lot of fun with that necklace.

6. do more crafts and DIYs
I'm happy to say I have been following this goal this February. Other than my sick fest this weekend which prevented me from crafting, I've been able to post a craft tutorial or DIY every weekend and plan to keep it up as a weekly feature :] [p.s. I'll be posting the DIY I missed this past weekend sometime this week]

Over all, I'm pretty proud of myself for sticking to the majority of my goals. I'm going to have to start thinking up some new goals here pretty soon for March! I still can't believe February is already gone! Check back later for my Instagram pictures from February's section of my Project 365!


  1. Recently subscribed to your blog I must have counted as the "leaps" in "leaps and bounds" :)

  2. GO YOU! I can't believe you made #25 in the craft blogs. Well, wait. Yes I can. :-) That is very well deserved!

  3. Gosh, I can't believe another month has gone by! it's insane how fast days are moving along.
    I am so happy to be a new follower.
    And that necklace is gorgeous!
    I hope you have a beautiful day!

  4. Congrats on meeting your goals. It's cause you're so awesome. BRAVO! :)

  5. awesome!! cant believe i havent seen your blog before! visiting from indie biz


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