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Hello crafty friends! Today I'm pleased to introduce a fellow blogger taking the Indie biz 3.0 course. Bonita Rose is a passionate creative living on the plains of North Dakota. She lives with her best friend in the world; her loving husband Greg and their dog Angel. She has two daughters, the oldest of whom is graduating from high school this year! Bonita Rose spends her days painting, creating, reading, blogging, and growing and always goes where the peace is. She'll be featuring a little DIY paper craft for us today. Take it away Bonita!

* * *

Some days, this is how I create.

I sit down, not knowing what will happen.

Today, I grabbed about four sheets of thin origami paper in different colors - blue, yellow, brown and red - and started tearing the sheets into strips. Nothing fancy, no perfect pieces. Just started tearing.

Next, I grabbed my Matte Collage Pauge - love this stuff! - and covered one whole side of a 6x9 piece of watercolor paper. Next, I started to lay the pieces over the collage pauge. Finished with another coat of collage pauge on top using my foam brush. Let it all dry.

After it was dry, I used my circle punch and cut out 12 circles, 3 rows of 4.

I attached these circles to pretty Die Cut Lace Tags by Martha Stewart, found at my local Michaels.

Next, I had printed out some inspiring words on a sheet of paper a few weeks ago, not really knowing what I would be using them for, just knowing they would come in handy at some point in time.

I cut out 12 words in thin strips. Next, I coated each circle on the die cut lace tags with more collage pauge, placed the word on top, and finished it off with the top coat of collage pauge. Let dry.


12 beautiful Origami Paper
Collaged Medallions!

Powerful words.


You can do this too!
Just take out some papers, some collage pauge, and let your mind go.
And see what happens!

These were totally unplanned today.
I didn't wake up wanting to create these.

As I chose my papers today, they just happened!

Such serendipity.
Such a most fortunate accident.


* * *
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  1. This is neat. I like the over all design of the papers and the way they collide together. Very creative. Nice work!

  2. I love origami paper. I made my own gift tags using it this Christmas. I love the bright colors in your Medallions. Super cool!

  3. thanks for the feature Allison! SO happy to inspire your readers! xo bonitarose


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