[HACKED] hello from mike

Hi this is Mike, Allison’s dashing boyfriend, and I decided today would be a fun day to hack into her account and do a post for her since she’s been a little busy lately.

I am kind of new to this blog world so please bear with me as I attempt to write something worthy of reading. I thought the first thing I could do is tell you all a little about myself, so I don’t seem so much like a fictional character that Allison constantly talks about in her posts. So here are a few things that make me me

Ice Hockey: This is my greatest passion. I’ve loved it ever since my dad took to see a minor league game when I was 8. I had never seen anything like it, and ever since then I have been playing or coaching. I hope to be able to coach when I’m older, and find some more adult leagues to play in until that time [when I can't keep up]. I also love the image that hockey players have, everyone thinks we’re so tough. And it’s because we are. Lol. Allison is probably rolling her eyes at my cocky attitude but that’s half the reason she loves me.

Music: When I was about 16 my dad inherited an old record player from a friend of his that he gave to me, along with a few dozen old records. Ever since the moment I first laid down the needle and heard the needle scrap along the record, I was in love. Unfortunately after years of use the speakers, and the receiver died out on me. For the last few years I have been without my record player until this past Christmas, when Allison bought me an all in one record player from Crosley. So my love of records has re-ignited, and there are many afternoons spent in my room with records spinning, and me dancing like my 16 year old self. I hope that never changes.

Skateboarding: This is an old hobby I had back in high school, that I gave up due to lack of money, and time. Then last summer a friend of mine and I bought boards and started going skating together whenever we had time. Since then I’ve been finding time to go to a local skate park to practice my moves and ollies. Who would’ve thought I’d pick up an old hobby that’s meant more for teenagers. Well I’m young at heart, and that’s all that matters.

There’s a lot more to me than these three points but I have to keep something in my vault for the next time I might hack into Allison’s account to do a post.

I will leave you with this however. I really enjoy how much Allison loves to blog. She is constantly thinking up creative crafts [that I sometimes get to help out with], begging to go on random road trips where she then does a happy dance when I agree [I secretly love them too, don’t tell her], and finding fun new recipes to whip up [more like I show her how to cook them]

So thank you for showing interest in her blog, and keep coming back! I swear she becomes more and more creative every day!


  1. I really enjoyed that. :) Especially the end.

  2. Mike, records are rad! Music is such a huge part of my life and who I am. Thanks for sharing toady! I really enjoy following Allison.

  3. This made me realize that there is one photo of my boyfriend on my blog and it's the back of his head while we decorated Christmas cookies. Haha maybe I should make him less of a "fictional character" too!

  4. it's so great allison has such an awesome guy in her life. :) this was totally adorable.

  5. what a great boyfriend and post :)

  6. awww, hi mike! this was a really sweet post. i can't wait to meet you guys! you should make sure you come in june. i think you and ivan would get along well :)

  7. Mike says, "I suppoooooose I'll come" haha aka he's excited and is just trying to act cool :]


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