happy valentine's day!

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Happy Valentine's Day lovelies! I don't love this holiday but nevertheless I will tell you all what I love, starting with YOU

i love my readers.
who would have thought my life was interesting enough to write a blog about. who would have thought my creative adventures would keep you coming back. i am so very thankful you all are here and you make each and every day that much better knowing that I get to blog every day :]

i love mike.
i've said it over and over again, without mike pushing me and telling me i am special, this blog would not be up and running today. he is such an amazing man and an even more amazing boyfriend and i love spending every minute i can with him. he's my best friend and always will be :]

i love my family.
this blog may not have ever been without mike's pushing, but without my parents, i would have nothing to write about! my dad taught me to love music and learn from it every day. my mom taught me to think creatively and look at everything as an unfinished project. without such creative parents who knows where i would be today.
i'm not going to lie, when i was younger i may have wanted to ship my brother off to another country but i'm so very glad to say that we are very good friend now. we are able to have fun with each other without ripping out hair, and i see our relationship growing every day.

i love my friends.
they make this whole "getting through college" thing so much easier when i have such amazing friends to come home to.

i love warmer weather.
it's not warm, but it's definitely warmer today. it makes me so excited for spring.

i love conversation hearts.
i know necco waffers are practically the same but convo hearts make this holiday some-what fun to look forward to.

i love where i am in life.
i feel great about my future, i'm happy about the present, it can only get better from here!

* * *

Sooooo. however you celebrate this holiday, I wish you the loveliest Valentine's Day ever!
Today at 5:00pm I will be announcing the giveaway winner, so be sure to get any last entries in! Remember, you can tweet about it once a day for more entries :]


  1. Happy Valentines Day Allison. I feel the same way about this holiday---finding it a bit overrated. You should show your love everyday. But nonetheless, spread the love, right? Hope you have a great day!

  2. aahh! happy valentines day! i love your list, except not too crazy about the city i live in by i do LOVE the bay area!


  3. i love this ♥ what a wonderful way to appreciate love. i was browsing some other blogs and saw a reference to that valentines day is about "i love we" it's not just significant others...it's the love for everything in your life...just as you have so clearly referenced :) it's beautiful!

    xo lindsay - scenic glory


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