a little trip to yellow springs

Yesterday, my architecture studio had to go on a site visit for our upcoming project. I lucked out big time because the location of our project is in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Yellow Springs is one of the coolest places there are and also happens to be where Mike and I had our first "date"

I have a mild obsession with hay bales. They make me so happy lol
Originally it was supposed to be a rainy, blah day. Mike decided to tag along with me on the trip in hopes he might be able to go skateboarding. We lucked out big time because it was a beautiful day out. Sunny and 60 degrees.

With such pretty weather, I had to roll down the sun roof. It's my favorite part about driving in the Spring

I love this sign. It tells so much about the hippie village before you even get into town. People are so laid back there. I love it.

Mike was being a goof ball and trying to get me to slide down the pipe by showing me how "fun" it is. I eventually did it. I'll admit it was pretty fun. I can't skateboard to save my life so I just scooted around on his board for a while. I still managed to fall off.

There are always street musicians everywhere and it's so fun to stop and listen. This accordion player was pretty sweet. We stopped in at a tavern for some food where we met this pretty little kitty named Emma. She just walks around Yellow Springs looking for love. I was glad to give it to her :]

Before we left we stopped in at the record store and Mike bought like 10 albums. He's pretty excited to listen to them. I tried to find my Bread "Manna" album but still no luck there. I'm still on the hunt.

Driving home we passed an Airstream! Swoon. I want one so badly. They are sooooooo pretty. It was a pretty fun trip especially for being a school requirement.

In other news, my dad was cutting limbs off a tree in our yarn so I ran out and snagged a sweet branch for a project I've been wanting to do. Unfortunately I will have to wait until the branch dries out which could be a few weeks [sadface]

Tonight Mike and I have two birthday parties to go to. Busy, busy, busy! But hopefully I'll be able to get some crafting done this weekend. I've got a few DIYs lined up that I've been meaning to do. Better get to work!


  1. i need to check out Yellow Springs sometime now :)

    p.s ive always wanted an Airstream too!

  2. That's a cool looking colored fence in some of those pictures. Did you get any good pictures of that?

  3. you're so cute and what a cute post.

  4. the first photos remind me of kansas!

  5. Beautiful photos! Looks like so much fun!

  6. What great sunlight! =D And BTW love your toms. ;]

    <3 Deanna

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