say hello to my friends and sponsors!

I'm a tad late in posting this but better late than never right? I wanted to introduce my lovely friends and sponsors for the month of February and tell you a little about each of them so here we go!

Pie n the Sky is a dreamy blog run by the lovely Melisa Shell. She is also doing an Instagram 365 photo challenge and I love looking at them each day. Along with keeping up her blog, Melissa run an Etsy shop where she sells everything from headbands to jewelry and mustaches.

Melanie is such a cool chick. We met at the end of last year when my family wanted to get some family pictures taken. I'm normally the one behind the camera in my family but obviously wouldn't be able to take the pictures AND be in them at the same time. Enter Melanie. I searched high and low for a photographer that I thought would be perfect for my crazy family and found the lovely Melanie Reller. She is a Northern Kentucky photographer who focuses in portrait photography but has experience with newborn, engagement, wedding, and all sorts of other photography. Around the area? Check her out!

Nicole is the mastermind behind The Pink Typewriter and is a pretty awesome person to hang out with too! The Pink Typewriter is full of reading inspiration and free reads around the blogsphere and Internet. She is currently doing a 52 week project where she tells a story every week. Sometimes about her, sometimes about family members, and sometimes from other bloggers out there. You might even see a story from me sometime this Spring!

Mindy runs the fantastic M.Sartin Design which is full of knit goodies like scarves, cowls and neck cuffs. She is an artist, designer and innovative thinker. She loves argyle socks and has a puppy named Cricket. An all around awesome person.

Che'Lyssa is the driving factor behind Lily Love and writes about everything that she loves. Whether it's music, art, reading, food, vintage lovelies or her love of thrifting, you'll never find a dull moment on her blog.

Elycia is the best. She is like my blog twin. I'm quite certain we were separated at birth. Her lovely blog is full of craftiness, daily outfits, and most recently, plans for her wedding this June. I am super excited about this because Mike and I will be road tripping to CANADA so I can photograph her wedding. Excitement! Elycia also has a shop but it is currently in vacation mode with all the craziness of wedding plans. But be sure to keep checking back because it's full of adorable accessories. One of these days I will buy a mustache headband :]

Lindsay from Scenic Glory is such a friendly person. Probably one of the most kind people I've met in the blogosphere :] Her blog is full of amazing inspiration for blogging and she has lots of fun projects running all the time. Every Wednesday she does an In Her Shoes feature where she interviews a blogger out there. Make sure to follow her blog because at the end of this month I will be featured in the In Her Shoes post!

Victoria is a fashion merchandising student and is behind the blog Garden of Eden. She makes super fun necklaces in her Etsy shop and is an all around fun person [just check out her up beat photos!]

* * *

I hope you pop over to each of my sponsors and give them a little love! They help Crafted Love stay alive! It's never too late in the month to start sponsoring Crafted Love so if you're interested head on over to my Sponsor page and grab some more info! And don't forget about the giveaway going on until Valentine's Day this month, be sure to enter!


  1. Hi Allison, just want to say thanks for the heads up on 'picnick' to improve my blog... rather than going and spending cash on photoshop etc. still a work in progress as i get time to teach myself how to use it properly ;) hope you have a great weekend.
    love tone @

  2. well hello there.

    i am so excited to stumble upon your blog.

    it is an absolute gem!

    i was looking through your tutorials and fell head over heels for your pom pom garland tutorial.

    you are one girl with mounds and mounds of creative talent.

    i write a blog called GreenSubmarine.

    a place where i feature my favorite tutorials people do.

    i would LOvE LOvE LOvE to feature your project.

    take a look at my blog and let me know if you are okay with your how-to being show cased.

    -a n g i e

  3. sorry i forgot to put my blog address in the comment below:

  4. no, YOU'RE the best. i'm super excited too!!


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