some changes to Crafted Love and a question...

Thanks to Lindsay from Scenic Glory, I now have a mobile site for the Crafted Love blog! I had wanted one for what seemed like forever but I could only find sites that were going to charge me per month to use the software. Not cool. Lindsay told me that Blogger actually has a setting for that now so I quickly changed my settings :] Sooooo all you smartphone users out there [like Mike who was super tired of having to deal with waiting while my page loaded] check out my mobile site! Unfortunately, for some reason if you type in it looks a lot different [and not as cool] as if you type in but I'll let you be the judge. I'm picky :]

Also! Alycia from The Curious Pug convinced me to switch to the Disqus commenting platform and so far I like it. Now I can reply better to your comments which is very exciting. You can sign in via Twitter, Facebook, Disqus, OpenID, or as a guest which I think is cool. Especially the Twitter part because I find it easiest to reply to your questions that way.

And last but not least, my question....

Sorry for the horrible photo, but I have no clue how to do screen shots on PCs

When you view my blog, does is look crammed like the picture above? See how the sidebar photos are laying over top of my navigation bar and everything is squished? This only seems to happen on this particular PC I work on but I was worried it might look that way for others. Maybe I just need to update Internet Explorer. I'm not sure. But if you ever have this problem leave me a comment! I really want to fix it!

Thank you for all the helpful comments so far! It looks like it is crunched on some people's browsers [although it doesn't seem to be based solely in one browser] and I think it might be how wide I have my outer wrapper set at. Unfortunately I am up to my neck in projects for class so I don't think I'll be able to get it fixed until this weekend. So bare with me until then [though it looks like some of you have been baring with me for quite some time now] and maybe try hitting CTRL and the "[" key to make the content of the screen smaller. That is what I've been doing while on this particular computer.


  1. I love your blog and am now a new follower :)
    To answer your question, yes, for me, it looks a little crammed up top...i'm on a gateway laptop.

  2. Oh, also... you might want to check your settings because there are these boxes you can check to allow certain platforms to comment. Maybe you have a couple unselected and that's why they can't comment? I have Facebook, Twitter, Guest, Disqus, and Open ID all selected.

  3. nope your side bar looks perfect! that is weird that it is showing up like that!

    yay on the mobile site!


  4. Luckily, this isn't my computer, it's at my office/work. I'm a mac user and looooove Firefox

  5. I'm using an old version of internet explorer...and it looks great! No squishing on my end... :)

  6. It is crammed on mine... and I'm in Firefox 3.6.13.

  7. Annoying! Looks like I'll be editing HTML this weekend haha

  8. I guess I'll make some changes to my blog too.

    On PC just press Ctrl+PrtSc and you can paste your screen capture into photoshop or other software.

    I tried on my ipod touch it looks exactly like your website I'm seeing on my computer. But looks cramped and some stuff is only partially visible.

  9. Sorry I went to the wrong crafted love. I'm using IE8 and they both look fine to me either way.
    I enabled my mobile version too but it's not showing anything different on my ipod touch. Yours looks the same too. Is it my ipod or the mobile version doesn't work with customized templates. Anybody has any idea?

    Here is my blog

  10. I don't know if iTouches are the same platform as smart phones but everyone who I've talked to who has tried it on a phone has gotten the mobile version. Maybe it is just showing up in the web version by default since iTouches are pretty much mini computers. Try looking at the bottom of the screen for a "view mobile site" option

  11. I switched to using Disqus and ended up switching back to Blogger comments within 24 hours because Disqus took too long to load on my blog. And a few people just flat out couldn't leave comments! Have you had any problems with Disqus? I'm wondering if I should give it another shot.

  12. I haven't had any trouble with loading slow. I really like it so far. I'd give it one last shot!

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