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This will be my last BESTeam feature but what better way to end it than with someone who shares my love of eco-friendly products like reusable snack baggies! Sarah Klapperich is a stay at home mom and the brains behind Cerlandia. She loves to knit, crochet, and sew and has a B.S. degree in Psychology and a M.A. degree in Sociology. She has been knitting for over 6 years, crocheting for 5 and sewing for longer than she remembers.

Recently she has been working with her friend Charles Taylor to bring silkscreen into her work. Charles has a B.A. degree from Western Illinois University in Macomb, IL. Together they make some amazing one of a kind pieces for you to use.

Here are a few of my favorite items from the Cerlandia shop [hint... click the pictures to go to that item in the shop]...

You can find out more about Cerlandia by visiting their shop and blog with these links below...

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