celebreties in oxford...

There happens to be a new movie in the works about a presidential candidate who learns the ropes of dirty politics while on his campaign trail. It's based on a play by Beau Willimon and the main character is none other than Ryan Gosling. George Clooney is directing and acting in the movie and the executive producer is Leonardo DiCaprio. Why am I telling you all this?

Because they're all here at Miami University... RIGHT NOW

Royalty walking around Oxford, who would have thought? They are shooting a few scenes for their movie here on campus and have been here for the past 3 days. Their trailers are camped out on an off campus road where student housing is and there are police everywhere doing crowd control. It's a little crazy. Stories of Ryan Gosling sticking his head into classrooms and making funny faces at students, along with crazy stories of Clooney giving friendly hugs to fans are all rumors floating around campus. But the biggest rumor is why they happen to be filming on the biggest Miami holiday ever, Green Beer Day.

A little bit of a history lesson... Green Beer Day started in 1952 when students got tired of Miami strategically planning Spring Break to land on St. Patrick's Day, thus preventing students from getting intoxicated and skipping class. Green Beer Day served as a replacement to St. Patties Day and eventually became bigger and crazier than St. Patrick's Day ever was. It's not celebrated on a specific day but instead, on the Thursday before Spring Break every year, insuring that Miami could never prevent the day from occurring.

Green Beer Day starts bright and early at 5:00 AM when all the bars open for green eggs and green dyed beer. Students throw on their iconic green graphic tshirts that are sold weeks before the event and galavant around "Uptown" all day. Teachers are known for scheduling midterms on GBD in attempt to make students come to class but it only brings the debauchery on campus. Drunk students stumble down the sidewalks and into class only to stroll back to the bars afterward. Needless to say, Green Beer Day is a big "stick it to the man" type of holiday.

Now back to those three hotties :] The rumor is that Miami paid the production team to shoot bits of the movie at Miami's campus. The movie was already planned to be shot partly in Cincinnati and the actual scenes that are being taken in Oxford are minimal and not distinctive to Miami. One scene is in a stairwell in our business school, another in front of the iconic red brick buildings. But it's been said you won't even be able to tell that it's shot in Miami. So why come to all the trouble?

Students have the chance of being extras in the movie [unpaid] but here's the catch. You can't be wearing any shade of green and if you seem even the slightest bit inebriated you have to leave the premises. Sneaky, Miami, sneaky. Making students choose between a beloved festivity or having a chance to meet celebrities?

Luckily for me, I'm not old enough to partake in Green Beer Day so it's an easy choice :] George Clooney, here I come!


  1. That is way cool. I love me some Ryan Gosling & George Clooney. Although I would probably pass out if Ryan Gosling walked by my classroom.

  2. Oooh!!! I love all 3 of them! George Clooney was just on Kauai filming a movie at our tiny little airport. Of course I was stuck at home while my dad (who works @ the airport) got to see him the whole day. Not fair! Haha! Hope you get to see him!!

  3. Oh my god. I wissssshhhh. That's such an interesting holiday, haha. Never heard of it before

  4. Allsion you just won the lottery it seems. that is sooo aesome. My heart would skip a beat for Ryan and Leonardo. Good luck I hope you get to have a small role. I wish I was there.

  5. Ryan Gosling...LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HIM! i swear if I ever saw him I would kiss him. lol



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