a few march goals

It's still so weird looking at my iPhone and seeing a little "1" in my calendar icon. I can't believe it's already March! It's such a pretty day outside and slowly getting warmer! What better way to start off this new month than with a nice day and a few simple goals :]

find time to work out. This goal is actually from my February Goals but I wasn't able to really fulfill it like I wanted so I am just adding to my March goals!

use my planner. I really need to stay on top of school work as well as etsy/blog things. This would be so much simpler is I would just write in my planner as things come up. So this month I'm going to try really hard to stay on top of that and check it every night.

be more vocal in the blog world. I am on the go a lot during the day and therefore check my favorite blogs while on my iPhone. I love being able to stay up to date but it's a little hard to comment while on an iPhone and I forget to go back when I'm on my computer. I really want to start taking time after my day to sit down and comment on friends' blogs as well as blog hop and just be friendly around the blogosphere. I've met some pretty awesome people through blogs and if I want to keep meeting these amazing people I need to be vocal!

break 200 followers. I think this is a pretty ambitious goal. Almost a little scary too because I don't want to be disappointed if I don't make it but after blowing last month's goal of 20 more followers out of the water, I decided to go big or go home :] so I'm really hoping I can make this goal happen!


  1. BReaking 200 phish posh! simple you can do it <3 I'll help

  2. I know, so crazy! February is always so short and just flies! I just wanted to give you thumbs up for having big goals for your blog :) I'm totally believing that you will reach 200, you so deserve it!
    Xxx mervi

  3. i think i am FINALLY going to write you a letter. I just got the new issue of Nylon, and there are so many pretty pages to make into letters... :)
    xoxo haley

  4. I like your goals! And I don't think that breaking 200 followers is too ambitious! You can do it! You've got a great blog and you are pretty awesome! Good luck lovely!

  5. you can easily break 200 plus commenting really does wonders it takes a lot of time but i LOVE reading what others have to say and putting in my two cents :D

    march is going to be a good month!! cheers!

    ditto on the making more time for working out..i mean i ride my bike every day but i need more...we were planning on taking gilbert on on saturday but it looks like it is going to rain..crossing my fingers that it doesn't!


  6. Ooh very good goals! I love the one about commenting especially. I've been trying to do more of that myself. It is kind of a pain on the iPhone, but not impossible. Take a few minutes here and there on my breaks at work to read and comment on my iphone. Every little bit counts!

    The Art of Being You

  7. These are all awesome goals! I should try doing monthly goals, I generally do weekly goals - I'm better at managing smaller amounts of time. I also need to get some kind of planner for blog stuff so I can try and be more consistent with my postings!
    Good luck with your goals!!

  8. Great goals! They sound a lot like mine!! :) lol. I discovered Bloglovin last month, and it's been a *godsend* for keeping up & making it easy to comment on my favorite blogs - I highly recommend it!


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