I finally bought a bike!

[found on weheartit]

I bought my bike! I gt it through Amazon and got FREE SHIPPING. I love Amazon. How awesome is that? I was worried I was going to have to pay $40 on shipping if I bought my bike online, but the selection wasn't very good in stores [judging by my first fail at buying one from Walmart] 

I decided to get a mountain bike since Mike wants to go on trails from time to time. I figured it would be a good bike for getting from class to class but I wanted it to still feel girly and street "chic". Here's the one I chose...

It's a Schwinn and PURPLE!!! I also love how it fades to white towards the handle bars because I also have a white basket for the front and I think it will blend in really well. Now all I need is a back rack so I can go to the grocery store! I'm a happy girl! I can't wait for it to arrive so I can get it pieced together! Amazon said between March 22-26. I'm counting down!!!

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  1. ECK! So exciting! I love my bike!

  2. so cute, i want a bike with a basket! so fun!

  3. Yay! I can't wait to go biking! I find the funnest part is accessorizing bikes...so many cute things on Etsy!

  4. Very cute! I use a mountain bike as my girly bike and have a cute basket on the front that holds so much shopping. You'll love it and trails are so fun too.

  5. Love the color that's my fav! I bought a cruiser last year but this winter someone stole the front tire!!! Cute blog. I found you via a beautiful mess.

  6. Ooh, what a beauty! I need a new bike as well! It's gorgeous!!!

  7. yay!!! so glad you finally got a bike!! you are gonna have so much fun!!! to bad you dont live closer we could start a girl bike gang!!


  8. I will just have to visit sometime! Visiting Cali is on my 24 Things Before
    25 list so I have to do it! Plus, I think I would prefer San Fran to the
    more "Hollywood" cities... I'm definitely not Hollywood with my pale skin
    and red hair :]


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