it's monday in case you didn't know...

Hello! Yes, It's Monday and yes, it's 6:30 in the morning as I type this. I'm not sure why I'm so awake right now but I'm not complaining! We've got a few more Spring Cleaning tutorials and inspiraton lined up to get us through the rest of March starting with some organization inspiration to kick off your Monday. But first, I wanted to drop by and say hi! 

With all this Spring Cleaning madness and awesome tutorials I feel like I haven't said hello in a while! I've been crazy busy lately trying to get projects done. It's funny how professors magically know when other classes have big things due and just so happen to decide to make their humongous project due as well. Fail. But I'm on top of it! 10 page paper? Done. Floor Plans and Building Sections? Done. Scale Model? Done with the help of my amazing boyfriend.

Now it's time to start off a brand new week that is hopefully much less stressful than the last. Today I get to ride my new and smoothly working bike to work and class [pictures to come when it's a little better weather outside] and tomorrow is my Dad's birthday! Later today or tomorrow I will share some pics from my weekend at home to celebrate his birthday. It was a pretty fun weekend despite my cram session late last night :]

So, happy Monday everyone! I hope you guys are as motivated to make this week awesome as I am! Check back soon for today's Spring Cleaning post! 

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  1. Happy Monday! Good luck on the rest of your projects.



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