a little bit of Redbox love...

Other than Netflix, one of my favorite ways to watch movies is Redbox. If you don't know what it is, it's a chain of remote vending machine-like things where you can rent tons of new and older movies. And what makes it better than Blockbuster or any other movie rental place is that you pay only a dollar per day, rather than $7 for 5-7 days at a time. This is awesome for me because I'm normally really good about renting the movie one day, watching it, and then returning it the very next day costing me only a dollar and some change. Redbox even has an iPhone app so I can check and see where there are Redboxes and if they have the movie I want.

Mike and I rented two movies and managed to watch them both in one night with out getting too movie-ed out. I have been dying to see The Switch and Mike loves Jason Bateman so that was a definite for the night. Mike has been DYING [with extra emphasis] to see The Fighter and I thought it looked good from the previews and always love movies that are based on true stories. So it was decided. We grabbed our movies and some dinner and pressed play.

The Switch. This movie was absolutely adorable. I have nothing bad to say about it. I love love love Jen Aniston and Jason Bateman was as always, hilarious throughout the whole movie. The little boy in the movie was so quirky and adorable, you just wanted to squeeze him :] I think I might have to buy this on Bluray sometime soon. The only thing I had a slight objection to was how they played off the similarities between Wally [Bateman] and Sebastian, the little boy. They had never met and finally saw each other when Sebastian was 6 years old. Sebastian has the same mannerisms as Wally and the same quirky habits. I'm a pretty big believer of nurture versus nature so I had a hard time believing that Sebastian would have those same mannerisms when he had never met Wally. But the movie was just too cute to put up much of a fight so I kept my mouth shut :]

The Fighter. Epic. That's all I have to say. I love Marky Mark but am not afraid to admit that he is a horrible actor in most serious roles [examples... 4 Brothers, The Lovely Bones lol] I was happily surprised though with this movie. He did a pretty good job with his role as Mickey and Christian Bale was amazing as his brother, Dicky. Throughout the movie I couldn't imagine being the girlfriend/wife of a boxer. It's just too much blood and hurting for me. I'd never be able to go to the matches and I'd always cringe when I saw the bruises after. Yikes. Amy Adams played a great Charlene and her accent was pretty believable if you ask me. Over all, great movie. I will be buying it for Mike sometime soon

All in all, another successful movie night :]
Don't forget that the Spring Cleaning craft series starts tomorrow!


  1. These are out already? I wanted to see them in theaters, but missed 'em. I think there's a redbox up the road from me...I'll have to see if it has these movies. Oh, and Blockbuster is going out of business. Apparently there are a lot more people out there who like netflix and redbox better.

  2. Redbox is my favorite thing ever! Now I'm going to have to check out this movies this weekend!

  3. I loved the fighter so much. I need to watch the switch though.

  4. before i had kids, i was totally in the nurture category, but after having 3, i have changed my mind. they are all different, and one in particular doesn't quite seem like he was actually raised in the same house as the rest of em. i'm telling ya, even as babies, they already had their own personalities...it's super weird! and, i haven't seen the fighter, my husband would like it!


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