my weekend in black and white

I'm a little late in posting this but towards the end of this stream of photos you'll understand why :] It's been a pretty busy start to the week.

Friday was spent in Oxford hanging out with my housemates. We found this kitten outside who seemed to be a little lost and definitely an indoor cat. He was enjoying rolling in the dirt and being adventurous so we left him alone. He then realized he had lost his audience and proceeded to dash through Kayla's legs and into our house. Definitely not an outdoor kitty. Luckily, his owner found him a little later in the day and he returned to his casual and safe home life :]

Saturday I headed home to Springboro for my dad's birthday. I remember being in grade school and when people would ask me where I lived I would reply "by the water towers". Life was so simple then. The school was on the highest part of Springboro [not that Ohio is topographically interesting] so I could always see those water towers in the distance. It made me feel a little less home sick when I was away from home.

A little storytime about my dad... he has a favorite chair in the house, like most men I'm sure, that he sits in whenever he watches TV. He also has a small pillow that he uses to prop up his head. Well that poor pillow had seen better days. The lining was ripped and the pillow form was actually coming out. I had decided back in February that I was going to make him a new pillow case for it but couldn't think of how to make it special. Skip to a few weeks before his birthday...

My dad comes into the kitchen a little sad because he has worn a hole into his prized college sweatshirt where he went for graduate school. LIGHT BULB! I made sure to snatch that sweatshirt up before it made its way to the trashcan and made it into the pillowcase for his pillow. Perfection. Gotta love when life works out perfectly. 

Just like with any other birthday or holiday, we packed up the car and drove to my grandma's house for dinner. If you recall my post about my brother's birthday, when it's your birthday you get to pick what we have for dinner [well except for me who shares a birthday with mother's day when the moms get to pick the meal. fail for me.] My dad picked spaghetti and lasagna. Yum. Afterward we watched some old western films, Mike took a nap and I made sure to feed Scooby :]

Just when we were about to head back home we came outside to a little surprise... a completely flat back tire. This definitely was not my first flat tire so we took the opportunity to teach my brother all the tricks to changing a flat. Including putting the old tire underneath the car so if the jack fails you don't have a busted rim or a broken hand :]

When we finally made it home Mike helped me fix my bike. Originally I had thought it was a lost cause and I was just too tall for the frame. Wait for it... this genius right here put the handle bars on backwards. Yes, I'm awesome, I know. With the help of Mike and my dad, my bike is now in perfect working order. Now I'm just on the hunt for a rear bike rack that fits. I've got my helmet, lock, and basket and I think we might be going out on the trails this next weekend.

Before heading back to Oxford, Mike and I went to the rink to watch two of his brothers play some hockey. I love love love hockey. So much so, I'm hopefully taking two elective classes next year... Intermediate Ice Skating and Ice Hockey. Win.

Finally, after all that fun, I had to crack down and get my three projects done that were due on Monday. Mike was an awesome boyfriend [as always] and helped me make my scale model. Miraculously I was able to get everything done by a decent hour and ended up having a great critique come Monday :]

It's now snowing ::angry face:: two days before the beginning of April. but I'm trying not to let it get me down too much because it's supposed to be in the mid 50's tomorrow and Friday. Fingers crossed.
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