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I've been watching a lot of movies in the past few days. Two in one night on Friday which isn't too shocking for me, but Mike normally can only handle one movie in the span of a night. What can I say? I'm a movie fanatic, he knew that getting into the relationship :] One of the movies had been a Netflix movie we had mailed to us and it had been sitting on my desk for weeks. It was time to finally watch it.

Requiem for a Dream. Holy cow. That's about the only thing I could muster up after watching this movie. I'm embarrassed to say I hadn't seen in until now but after loving Black Swan so much, I knew I had to finally watch this movie. It's kind of a dual-story plot line where one story is of three friends, two of which are dating [sound familiar to my Frozen review?] who are druggies and eventually become dealers and completely addicted to being high in any way they can manage. The other story is about one of the friends' mother who thinks she's going to be on TV and wants to lose weight. She goes to a doctor who gives her "diet" pills which are pretty much uppers that she also becomes addicted to. Needless to say, the movie doesn't end well for anyone. I can honestly say I have never tried drugs in my life and never plan to but even so, this movie scared the crap out of me. I would suggest it be used in "D.A.R.E" or drug awareness programs in school if it weren't for the very inappropriate sexual scenes, some of which are very crucial to the plot line and couldn't be cut out. Over all, this was an amazing movie. Well done, Aronofsky, well done.
Dreamcatcher. We watched this movie on Netflix instant after seeing that Kelsey had watched it some time ago. I didn't really know what to expect other than the sneak peek-sentence on the front, "Four friends hung a dreamcatcher in their cabin. It's about to catch something it cannot stop". I really did not expect it to turn out how it did... with an alien invasion and flesh eating slug-like things. It was really cheesy and seemed poorly made. It was easy to get lost and I just couldn't get past the cruddy acting despite loving one of the actors, Jason Lee of My Name is Earl, who consequently [spoiler alert] is the first to die. Bummer.

Up in the Air. Love. Love. Loved this movie. After the crazy-fest of George Clooney being at Miami I just had to watch one of his movies. I hadn't seen this one yet but it looked cute from the previews whenever I saw it on TV and I wasn't disappointed. I was a little worried that there might be a love interest between Clooney and the younger girl [from Twilight] in the movie because that would have been gross and made me hate the movie. But worry no more! They have a cute little father-daughter friend relationship throughout the whole movie. I thought it was going to be a chick flick but I don't think that now. The movie definitely didn't end the way I expected it at all but surprisingly I still loved the ending. A lot. Definitely a must see.

Later today I'm off to downtown Dayton for a job shadow with the Creative Fuse graphic design team. I'm super excited. They do a lot of pro bono work around the community and that's very similar to what I want to do after graduation, do graphic design for a nonprofit organization. I can't wait!

Also, I decided to change my email from Gmail to Yahoo "Ymail" so if you think my email address is a typo, it's not. It's now craftedlove[at]YMAIL[dot]com. It was getting to hard having both my work and blog email addresses run through Gmail. When I wasn't using my iPhone to check mail, I would have to log out of one email to view another. I tried the whole forwarding thing for a while but hated that from my iPhone, if you emailed my blog address and I replied, it would send from my work address. But no worries, problem solved! Send me a friendly email and let's chat :]


  1. eeewww i will never forget the scene with jared leto's arm all gross and infected and shooting up...TOTALLY skeeved me out, yuck!!

  2. Agh, Requiem for a Dream scared the crap out of me when I was 15. I remember Dreamcatcher playing at the theater I worked at and tons of people walked out. Up in The Air was truly an amazing movie. I'm glad you liked it!

  3. I've only seenRequiem and it is an awesome movie. I'll have to check the other too.

  4. Ah - I totally wanted to see Requiem after seeing Aronofsky's Black Swan, too - it was rad!! :) And isn't Up in The Air great?? :) Love it!


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