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Netflix and I were good friends this past weekend. I loved both of the movies I watched which is not typical. After the first one though, I lost a little faith in American film.

Let the Right One In. Just by reading the title and looking at the movie poster I had a "wait a minute..." moment. Doesn't it look and sound familiar my U.S. bloggers? After I read the synopsis on Netflix I let out a little sigh. American film, you have failed me. This is a Swedish film and was subtitled for us to watch. It had the exact same plot line, script, characters and pretty much the same title as the American film "Let Me In" [if you don't know about this movie, it's about a bullied boy who befriends a young vampire] At first, I was a little mad. In all the hustle and bustle of trailers and news for Let Me In, nowhere did it seem to give any credit towards the original film. After the movie was over I checked on IMDB and it does list Lindqvist as one of the screen play writers, but under the Matt Reeves who just tweaked somethings for the American version. The funny thing is, the original Swedish version is ten times better than the American version even with subtitles. Definitely a must see.

The Virgin Suicides. I'm really surprised I hadn't seen this movie until now. Mike had seen it once before and said it was a great movie so when it popped up on Netflix's new additions I had to press play. Even though the title gives away a lot, I'll try to be as vague as possible. This movie is about five sisters living under their strict mother's rules which include very little contact with the rest of the world, strict curfews, and a very stuffy home life. Throughout the whole movie I just wanted to scream at the mother. I really don't know how you could think living like that would be good for anyone, let alone five girls with ages ranging from 13-17. There were a few parts that really confused me, particularly the ending sequence of events, but over all it was a great movie and I would recommend it to anyone. Just be prepared to be slightly creeped out :]


  1. I haven't seen Let The Right One In yet but I have seen Let Me In. I thought Let Me In was really good and haven't watched the original yet because I am a little chicken. I loved the Virgin Suicides. I saw this movie when it was first released and I definitely read the book before I saw the movie. Yes, I am a dork.

  2. Isn't The Virgin Suicides fantastic?? Its so great. The book is awesome, as well.
    And I saw Let The Right One In around 2ish years ago when my boyfriend (who did not like me at the time, haha) told me I needed to see it. I LOVED it. I've seen it a few times since then. Usually, I'll just put it on as background noise (movies don't distract me much if I can't understand what they're saying), but occasionally I'll actually sit down and watch it.
    Let Me In was one big FAIL. It was so awful, in my opinion. I'm so glad I saw the Swedish version first.

  3. i just barely watched the virgin suicides myself and i agree with your analysis entirely! it was a good show though, entertaining enough! haha

    cuuute blog :)

  4. Umm, yeah - ''Let the Right One In'' is soooo good, I refused to watch the 'tweaked' American version! lol. Isn't it lovely?? One of my faves, for sure! Virgin Suicides is lovely, too - well, odd, but lovely somehow. :)

  5. I love how alike in movie we are. everytime your eview one I usually have already seen or just recently watched. lol. I am glad you like the virgin sucides isn't josh Hartnett a dream boat? it's such an excellent film by sophia copolla.

  6. Hey there!

    I live in Sweden and I just loved ¨Let the Right One in¨!!! I even recommended it to all my friends and put it in a must-see film list on my blog, what a coincidence!

    I also watched the American version. The swedish did seem warmer and more innocent, but in the American version they did kind of explain the relationship between the little girl and the old man.



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