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I'd like to introduce my lovely sponsors for the month of March! Please link up and send them some love and comments!

Hello! My name is Melisa Shell. Yes, it's true, my middle name is Shell^_^ I am a full time college student and Etsy shop owner. I love to create and I long to bring beauty to this world. I love fancy, lovely, frilly things. I like to inspire and that's what I hope to do through my little blog. I started Pie N' the Sky in December of 2009. It is a lifestyle blog focused on inspiration, handmade and lovely things! My blog is full of goals, daily inspirations, projects, my Mr, fashion, and lots of photos. Pie N' the Sky is pretty much my virtual home, so feel free to explore and stop to chat. I'd love to be blog pals! 

Hi! I'm Claire and my blog is a place for me to show my loves, inspirations and creations! Also, lots of photos of my kitty Sisco. I also have an Etsy shop selling my plushies. I LOVE to make things! Nothing makes me happier!

"I'm Melanie Reller. The photographer behind the camera for Melanie Reller Photography. I picked up my first camera when I was about 3 and spent time in my Dad's dark room growing up. I love anything
having to do with art, crafts, and life.

I am a 25 year old kid at heart who always chooses the scenic route. I heart all things vintage, I believe in karma and find inspiration everywhere I turn. I am a designer and have an obsession with color, layout and type. My wardrobe is way too big for my own good, but luckily Matthew saves me room in our closet :) If I'm having a bad day, big earrings and Lady GaGa always seem to make me feel better. I am a vegetarian because I consider animals my BFF's. I love fondue, heels (then again I am only 4'11 so I have to do something), photography, everything retro, and thrift shopping just to name a few.

When I was given a pink 1963 Olympia typewriter for my birthday, I knew it was time to get writing. After thinking about what one nerdy English major could possibly bring to the world, I decided to start a project called 52 Stories. Each week I tell a story, or let another writer tell a story of their own. I also post two weekly features, Wednesday Book Craving (Etsy items for readers and writers) and Photo Find Friday (embarrassing family photos with a story of their own.)

Hi i'm cb from citybirds! citybirds is a whimsical world full of fun and quirky handmade items all made with love! my love of birds, nature, vintage, color, bicycling, and painting all inspire my crafty treasures. come join my adventure at the citybirds nest blog!

I'm just a twenty something trying to find my way through life. I love anything vintage, fashion, photography and writing. I also love handmade stuff and music. Come over to Lily Love and see my daily inspirations! Also, my Etsy shop will be opening up at the end of the month.

I'm new to blogging. I started in January. What Remains Now is about all the things I love...favorite things, greyhounds, crafts, movies and books. It's also about rediscovering your creativity. I love taking discarded items and re-imagining them into unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. My Etsy shop will open in April. I just signed up for Indie Business 3.0 and I'm super excited to learn more.

I am an Outdoor Educator, living and working near Peterborough, Ontario. I am passionate about the environment, crafting, baking, and especially my second home - Newfoundland. I started as a young girl sewing and crafting; now I spend most of my craft time rug-hooking (a traditional Newfoundland activity) and knitting, and am trying to get back into sewing and embroidery.

My name is Zelina. I’m a photo taking, blog lovin, Indie Listening twenty something year old with much to share. My blog is where all the pretty things come together. I started my blog as a way to share and inspire others just as they've done to me.Starting a blog has been an adventure and I love reflecting on things I've written about in the past.
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My blog is fun and creative. Through an Indie Lens I was able to discover that I had a talent for baking and now share baking pictures and ideas. I'm a Hippie at heart, makeup artist, baker, painter, photographer, and a blogger with 1000 ideas running through my mind that are inspired by music, fashion, food and life.  

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