Spring Cleaning | Egg Carton Sewing Kit

Today's Spring Cleaning tutorial comes from one of my dear friends, Melanie of Tip-Toeing Around Mid-Life. She's here with a cute little DIY for all your seamstresses around the blogosphere. Take a look!
So with Spring comes the desire to clean out those closets, under the beds and in the cabinets.  With Spring comes the desire to have purpose and organization.  Where are all your sewing gadgets and doo-dads?

I know where mine are-- now.

What do you need to make yourself a cute little organized sewing container?  An egg carton!


...And a few other things I'm sure you have hanging around the house...

First though, let me just take a moment to say you need to check out the nubbins.  You know, in your egg carton.  I had to trim mine down.  
Before Trimming:


After Trimming:


This way there's room for the lid to close once you add in your pin cushion/scissor holder on the top.  The Styrofoam containers don't seem to be as much of a culprit on this as the cardboard containers.

Anyway, gather your supplies:

Scissors, Fabric, quilt batting, measuring tape and elastic (not pictured.)

This could be done by hand, but I'm going to use my machine.


I measured the *inside* of the lid and got 10"x3."  Cut your fabric and batting (but don't forget to add enough for seam allowances.)


We're going to sew the batting and fabric together and make a small hem on the back to give the padded lid a more finished appearance.

Here we are all pined and ready for sewing.


Go ahead and hem those sides!


Here's the back after sewing.  I choose to trim out the excess batting that you see so that the pin cushion will lay flatter.


Next, I just sewed a little piece of elastic to use as a sling for my scissors.  A pretty piece of ribbon, decorative edging or bias tape would do the same thing.  But make sure to put it up high enough so that it actually holds the scissors in the correct spot!  If your scissors are bigger than the little embroidery scissors shown here why not hang them horizontally by adding a few vertical slings?


You could attach the pin cushion to the top of the egg carton with velcro, elmers glue or double sided tape, but I chose to put a little dab of hot glue in each corner.


 And VIOLA! You're done.


I seem to have a little bit of trouble keeping track of all those half wound and empty bobbins, buttons, and other little sewing gadgets.  Why not make them a home?

And come stop by my little internet home and say hello won't you?


  1. I love this what a great idea!! Looks great!

  2. Yeay! I just got a sewing machine and was wondering how I was going to store all my stuff... (aside from paying money to buy one)... this is a great idea! And FREE! :) Well.. almost.. hehe..
    Thanks! :)

  3. That is cute and clever!

  4. This is a really cute idea!

  5. I like to use the egg cartons for my beads and beading needles that I use in a project/necklace.

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  7. i use the 18 count egg carton for anything from beads, painting, and I have one for a catch all in my craft room, as well as a lid in the kitchen for a catch all. My husband uses the bottoms to start seeds for the garden.


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