Spring Cleaning | Organizational Inspiration

Inspire, Inspire! I've got a lovely round up of motivating snap shots of organized lives around the blogosphere for you to get that extra kick of inspiration to get cleaned up before April! Looking at some of these photos makes me want to get up right now and find things to organize! I should probably by a house first, you think?

So cool. You can find mason jars anywhere and the metal "hoops" are pipe clamps that you can find at any hardware store. Win.

Even traveling can be organized. Now I want to go on a vacation. Road trip anyone?

I saw these adorable antique shutters at the thrift shop a while ago but didn't buy them because I don't have a house. Now I'm regretting that decision because this is an adorable display! Perfect for mail organization!

I love this! Any knitters out there? I don't use much yarn so you'll have to do this for me! What a cool look and idea! Just use coffee tins and wrap pretty paper around them... nail on the wall and viola! I think it would also look cool to use different sized soups cans along with the coffee cans. Just make sure there are no sharp edges first!

I keep seeing ideas of how to use antique tea cups. I might have to go find some because this would be perfect for office supplies. I don't wear much jewelry other than necklaces [speaking of which, I have a pretty rad tutorial from yours truly planned for wrapping up this Spring Cleaning series. Get excited]

This one is a little too much organization for my taste... I don't like to label things if you can see what it is by just looking. But I love this photo anyway. I love that wallet! And I used to have that white cell phone before my iPhone.

I love this idea! A spice rack and spice jars turned into a button display/holder. I will definitely be trying this one for all my different flower centers 

This is an absolute must for me. Magnetized makeup display!!! I love my makeup and sometimes I forget what I have. This would be a perfect solution plus super cute! Laura does a great job of taking you step by step so make sure to jump over to her page up ^^there^^ My to-do list seems to be growing out of proportion.

Repurposing at its finest! A dish drying unit turned office organization! I love it! Just cover those old file folders with pretty paper and you have artwork at your desk! Totally doing this.


  1. I think I have spent my WHOLE life trying to organize my ¨me¨ space, but it only gets messier and messier! Good thing I now live in Sweden, where the rule is to have as little as possible. It forces me to keep the mess under control :)

  2. I just got a million amazing ideas in about 20 seconds!

  3. beautiful! I wish I can be as organized.

  4. My to-do list is crazy long as well. But I guess that's what being in college does to you! I absolutely love the mason jar idea of organizing. So cute!

  5. Thank you so much for posting this. I love every single idea here. Especially the magnetized makeup, it turns it into art! I think I'm going to try the dish drainer at school to organize work files. Thanks again!

  6. Thanks for the spring cleaning/organizational inspiration! I need to get started!

  7. I totally needed to read this! These are all such great organizing ideas!

  8. The jar + metal hoops storage is awesome. Very industrial and inexpensive. I also like using pretty Pyrex bowls for pin and hair accessory storage.

  9. Mason Jars Organization is an amazing concept! I just moved into a new place and the bathroom is wicked small. This may be the perfect way to organize some items while still adding an element of appeal.

  10. I absolutely LOVE the mason jar bathroom storage!!!! Such a fantastic idea. Also the magnetic makeup board! I think I need to attempt to make that thing. Putting on makeup would be so clean. My makeup ends up all over the place!


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