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This awesome tutorial comes from Katrina of Salt City Spice, a shop full kitchen organization and other lovelies. She's here to show us how to organize all those recipes you have laying around your kitchen. This would be perfect for my completed foodie challenges! Take it away Katrina!
This is a super-simple project for creating your very own Personal Cookbook/Recipe Journal using a 3-ring binder with pockets, a package of clear page protectors, plus basic scrapbooking supplies. I was forever collecting new recipes from magazines or online, but realized I would tear or print them out and then forget about them because they weren't organized in any way. I finally designated a special place to put them and with minimal effort, it's now my go-to source for a little dinner inspiration!

First, get your binder ready so you have a place to store your collection. Create a cover and add the sheet protectors. Next, be on the lookout for some new recipes! Find a few you like, then get to cooking. While enjoying each meal, take down some notes - you might include things like when you first made it, who else was there, what you thought, and what you might do differently next time. Would you add less salt? Bake it a little longer than recommended? Try it with a different meat, vegetable, or seasoning? This is a great way to start to develop your own recipes, or to put a personal touch on the things you make.

Once you've found a few "keepers" you can start to add them to your book. Paste your favorites onto scrapbook paper and include your notes.

Slide each completed page into a sheet protector and that's it! As you come across new recipes, you can store them in the binder's pockets until you're able to make them and decide whether they make the cut. It's also helpful to start to index your recipes once your collection grows so you can quickly find just what you need.

Soon you'll have your very own personal cookbook full of your favorites. The sheet protectors ensure any splatters can be easily cleaned without ruining the pages (great for messy cooks like me!). You can organize your recipes by date cooked, or if you really want to get fancy, by type of food (appetizer, entree, side dish, dessert, drink, etc). Bon appetit!


  1. such a great idea, i should do this!

  2. YEAY! I do this already.. the hardest part was trying to categorise my recipes... I ended up with tabs as follows (I had a 10 tab divider) (my other choice was to go alphabetical but I didn't want my chicken casseroles next to my carrot cakes if you know what I mean!):
    Mains - meat
    Mains - fish
    Mains - veg
    Other baking - ie. breads & scones
    Cakes & cupcakes & muffins
    Treats ie. pies, bronies, fudge
    Salads & sides

    (hmmm.. not sure which one cookies ended up in.. haha!)
    I am thinking of splitting my baking tabs into sub tabs.. but it's on the to do list
    As well as starting a crafting/DIY binder.. :)

    Happy organizing!

  3. Yay I do this too but I really need to revamp and clean it out because there are a lot of recipes that I don't like or will never try that I need to get out. Make room for some new good ones!

  4. love this! such an excellent idea :)

  5. Missyellowshoes.blogspot.comJanuary 26, 2013 at 10:08 AM

    I heart this book!
    I want to make one of my own!

  6. Thanks for your comments everyone! Glad you liked this idea - it's really helped me actually use all the awesome recipes I always find, PLUS I feel like I have my very own personal cookbook. Caz - I love your divider sections - I made some tabs, but not as many to start out so it may be time to subdivide mine some more too! Happy Spring Cleaning everyone :)

  7. I did this for my kids as they were growing up and put their favorite recipes (and some stories / tradition etc). Now at Christmas time I send them new recipes they might like. Yours is so pretty tho! Mine werent nearly as colorful or pretty... grandkids...


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