Spring Cleaning | Small Spaces

Today's Spring Cleaning post comes from Jess from Tenpenny Splendid. She's here with some inspiration for the ladies like me, who live in a little less space than we might like and share our bedrooms with our craft spaces :]
Since moving back home to save money during grad school, my "me" space feels smaller than ever. I now have an apartment worth of stuff squeezed into my childhood bedroom! Since this arrangement is going to last for about another year, I've had to find ways to turn this room into a place to keep not only clothes and accessories, but crafty and design related stuff too.

This post is meant to give you a little inspiration on how to make a small space functional while still keeping your supplies at hand.

I have tons of buttons and vintage bits and pieces that I keep around for when inspiration strikes. I keep these all in little pretty jars and dishes that also give me a place to rest things like bracelets and other jewelry that I like to keep out.

Both accessories and supplies are easily accessible!

I keep things like knitting needles and paintbrushes in tall bottles. I even put two little scraps from when I was starting to learn granny squares around the needles because they sort of reminded me of flowers. :)

These are just a few of my many screen printing inks. I eventually ran out of space in the container I was keeping them in so the overflow had to go somewhere else! Now I have a colorful little shelf system for my knick-knacks.

So that's just a few ways I organize my supplies so that I have a bedroom and a craft room that can coexist without driving me completely crazy. It saves time from digging through drawers and boxes to find things, but it doesn't look like you forgot to clean up either. Using practical things as decorations can really work to your benefit! Happy spring cleaning everyone!


  1. Love the pics! Can you post more pics of your ¨you¨ space? I bet is nice and cute! :)

  2. Oh the moving home and settling back in. It can seem overwhelming to have an entire house in one room but it forced me to rethink what was really necessary. And it was mostly the craft supplies :)

  3. I love how our crafting supplies can actually be art in their own way! Very nice photos!

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