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Along with getting everything tidy for Spring it's always nice to be able to find uses for old things sitting around your house. Bonnie of A Life Unrehearsed is here to inspire you with a project she did by reusing something she had in her house. Take it away Bonnie!
First of all, thanks Allison for organizing this Series, I personally can't wait to read what everyone else is doing in their creative spaces!

Hello everyone! I have been re-organizing some shelves and some vessels up in my Studio, figuring out how I want to store things in certain areas of my space. You have to understand. I have a lot of stuff. And part of that reason is this. I often keep things, because well, you never know when you may need it for an art project, to bless someone just because, or to simply make something beautiful.

Yes, I'm a pack-rat when it comes to anything paper, anything art supplies, anything creative at all. It's hard for me to part with certain things. Because realistically, you just never know.. right? Could I be on the hoarders TV show? No, I'm not that bad. I can recognize when I have something that I JUST KNOW I'll never use, it's not my style anymore, or I simply don't like something anymore. It's then when I participate in garage sales, or give my stuff away!

So the other day, I took some time to reorganize a shelf in my Studio. Find new places for older things, to make room for some of the new things that I find I am using more of these days.


I have two bright colanders in my studio. One light yellow, the other bright orange! I love orange! I removed what was in there previous, and instead, filled it up today with some ribbon and lace and crochet trims that I for sure will be using on my sewing projects in the coming weeks/months. I kind of wanted to corral them all in one area - so check that off my list, done!

I haven't decided what I'll do with the light yellow one yet. I'm still thinking on that one.

I had some fabric scraps, tiny pieces from YEARS ago, so I decided to put these in a pail. If they aren't visually out there for me, well, I forget I even have them. So now they sit in a pretty silver pail. Waiting for inspiration to strike!

One of the things I found that I had saved were these cute little plastic round containers with a bottom and a lid, originally used to house Doodlebug fabric dotted flowers. I've since used all the flowers, and I was keeping these for a rainy day.

It wasn't raining here in ND the other day, but I still found a use for them! I covered up the bottoms of each with a punched out circle and wrapped washi tape around each one! Done! Now they look so so much better!

Next I added some little label stickers I had on the top of each cover, so they are ready to label! I'll be using these to store all kinds of sewing notions in my sewing corner of my Studio, what do you think?

I have 15 of them! I'll use them for pins, needles, buttons, bobbins, little pieces of sequins, beads maybe, trims, you name it! Perfect!


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  1. Those containers turned out so cute! What a great idea, I'll have to try it when I get around to my spring cleaning/organization.
    xo Megan


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