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This weekend's DIY is actually from my Mom. She is the reason I am the crafty person I am today so it only seems right that she get a DIY on Crafted Love too! This tutorial is perfect for Easter dinner and she plans on making a lot more so we can decorate for our yummy dinner here in a few weeks. Here's what you'll need for this project...

1. styrofoam eggs   2. tacky glue   3. different colored glitter
4. wire   5. small peg board for bending wire  6. journaling stamp
7. stamp pad   8. decorative paper   9. small silk flowers   10. button

First things first, coat a styrofoam egg in tacky glue. It helps if you add a little bit of water to the glue mixture. Make sure to coat it well and get everywhere.

Sprinkle the glitter all over the egg making sure to not leave any white space.

Let the egg dry for a few hours

Meanwhile, wrap the wire in a spiral motion to make the holder for the place cards

Using the journalism stamp, stamp the decorative paper and cut it out. We only made one egg this time but if you were making more for your dinner, you could go ahead and stamp as many place cards as you need.

Using hot glue or the tacky glue, attach the button to the base of the egg and let the glue dry for a bit

Attach the wire place holder to the egg by pushing it through the top

Glue a flower at the top near the wire and let it sit for a while to dry

Write the different names on the card, attach, and set up your lovely dinner table! You can use different colored glitter for different eggs for a colorful table or just use the same color, either way your table will be very festive!


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