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Hello friends! I'm super excited to introduce my featured sponsor for this month. This month's featured sponsor is actually Mike's younger brother, Jon. Jon is the artist behind Vortex Sketching and he's here today to answer a few questions for us. Enjoy!

AK: Tell us a little about yourself and what you do
Jon: I'm a freshman enrolled in the great campus of Wright State University. I'm in between majors right now (EE, MIS, and Psych for those who wish to know) and I commute everyday. Which sucks. I play hockey up there too so a lot of my weekend time is spent on the road - which is where I get most of my "artsy" outbursts.

AK: Have you always loved to draw? What made you want to start designing t-shirts?
Jon: I've always had an interest in drawing - anything more than just little doodles started to go down in skill level though lol. I almost routinely juggle through different styles of expression; writing lyrics, writing songs (I'm proficient on the guitar, bass guitar, drums, and I'm trying to relearn piano), writing stories, drawing, singing my heart out in the shower and/or car (ok maybe a few more places than that) and sometimes even random things I've never thought of before until that moment.
I just started drawing December of last year and I was pushing 2-3 ideas every other hour and my sketch book was filling up really quickly. So I hopped onto blogspot and grabbed the domain name (which I picked because at the time I thought it rhymed. It was 3 am, cut me some slack haha)

AK: Where do you find your inspiration for your designs? Who are your style icons?   
Jon: Hmm... Pretty much anyone and anything. If I see something odd during the day, or see a shirt design, or a pair of shoes, or a hat, or a car, or anything in general that just grabs my constantly flickering attention, I look at ways it should be changed or ways it could be improved. Then I'm thinking of different angles for the physical objects and different colors for those printed on a canvas already. My mind is on the brink of insanity and I think it already took the jump - which is why it finds the most random things interesting.
AK: Can you show us a peek of a recent project or design you're working on?
Jon: Sure, you can see every design I put up, as a sneak peek, by going to my blog. I'm actually in a bit of a dry spell right now. But this thunderstorm going on while I'm writing this is sparking something.
It's a pitch black shirt, maybe charcoal black, with a single lightning strike in the background of the image with two crimson eyes that look something like Venom from the Spider-Man series that are slightly faded and somewhere around the top of the abdomen on the shirt and maybe a toothy, chunk-o'-flesh filled, bloody smile directly on the abs.

AK: Describe a day in your shoes. What's life like?
Jon: On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I get up at 8:45 and either get a shower or do a morning yoga stretch (it's for hockey). Eat some food, then leave at 10:00 for a class at 11:00. Isn't commuting fun? Class is finished at 12:05, then I get a little bit of flex time after homework and the drive home. Tuesday and Thursday, I get up at 7:20 for a class at 9:00 (which is yoga) and then either have a 2 hour break until my next class (Tuesday) or go to classes until my last lecture (Thursday) at 4:00. Here's the kicker - it ends at 6. Not too shabby for a day of school. My weekends are either spent sleeping until I go to work or hanging out with the unlucky soul who's got my attention that day haha.

AK: What are your goals for this year with your brand and blog?
Jon: To actively update and upkeep the blog itself, and to hopefully get a few sales under my belt. This isn't going to be a main source of income for me, so I might as well just have fun with it. The brand I want to keep and at least print out a few shirts for myself and a few lucky interns of mine so I'll always have it.

AK: And last but not least, a fun, random question... if we were to take a look inside your refrigerator, what would we find?
Jon: Well, actually I have a mini-fridge in my room and it is barren :(

Thank you Jon for letting us find out a little more about you! 
Make sure to check out his blog and watch as it grows throughout the year!

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