a few april goals

I love this quote. I like to think that I let my little bird out as much as possible. How boring would life be if you just woke up, went to work/school, came home, ate, watched some TV, and then went to bed? Maybe that life is perfect for some people but I just wouldn't survive! I need adventure!

Another month is here and it's time for some new goals! Mike has me dreaming big with the blog but since I'm in my final month of school for this year, I might have to put a few of the bigger blog goals on hold for May. but here they are...

survive school! Like I said, this is my last month of Spring semester. Final exams are the first week in May [ending just in time for my birthday!] so I really need to crack down and stay focused. Hopefully warmer weather and sunny skies decide to make an appearance because it's always easier for me to focus when it's nice out.

restock my etsy shop. I realized the other day that I have only about 10 items in my shop. Yikes. While a lot of things are grouped together because they are made to order, I need to get my numbers back up!

figure out bartending school. If you follow my 24 things before 25 list, you'll know that one of my big goals is to learn how to tend bar. I've always wanted to be a bartender at some point but never wanted to have to work my way up the ladder from barback and so on. Well what better way to learn and skip the ladder climb than to get my bartending license! I've picked the school, now I just need to set up a visit and figure out financing. Yay!

stay vocal in the blog world. While staying on top of school, I'll still be able to stay updated on my favorite blogs. I need to make sure I keep commenting and letting people know I'm reading!

ride my bike as much as possible! I'm so excited to finally have a bike to ride around campus. I feel really good about my health riding and about my wallet not spending money on gas :] Right now though, in this awkward and sometimes cold transition to Spring/warm weather, I tend to try and chicken out riding longer distances to the grocery store. I need to not give in! Biking is way more fun than driving!

So those are the goals. But before I leave you, a little bit on this day of trickery... So far I've been fooled by both professors and a pack of deer. Yes. I said it. A pack of deer. As I was riding my bike home today, down a rather steep hill mind you, a group of three deer decided to run across the street only a few feet in front of me. I was probably going about the same speed as a car and had to slam on my brakes. I'm amazed I didn't go flying over my handlebars! So, guys, the jokes on me today. And it's only 1:00pm.

Don't forget about the coupon you can use today in my shop. It ends at midnight!


  1. I love the idea of monthy goals! Totally do-able. Now I just need to set some... hmmm.


  2. oh i just LOVE that quote too! so perfect! i feel like my bird is out all the time on my shoulder! or should i say arm because that is where he is permanently tattooed! :D


  3. Hello Again VintageJanuary 26, 2013 at 10:12 AM

    I agree, love that quote and all you goals for April You inspired me to write monthly goals. :D

    Happy April to you too!



  4. Oh my gosh. You just described my very boring life: wake up, go to work, come home watch a little TV, eat and go to bed. I need to get out. Thank you for the inspiration!

  5. Well done on getting out on your bike more often! It's so fun you'll be wanting to be on it all the time now.
    I went riding this morning in the pouring rain and now I have super cold feet so have them all wrapped up and am drinking tea and catching up on my blog reading.
    Enjoy the ride!

  6. its my last term of university too - not long to go!!! like the idea of monthly goals. just stumbled across your blog, its lovely


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