[HACKED] 100 little somethings in the eyes of Mike

Hey it’s Mike once again, here to give Allison a hand since her schoolwork seems to keep piling up.  It’s been awhile since one of these lists has been posted, but I decided to help out on the 100 things about Allison. Except it’ll be me telling all of you 10 different things about Allison through my eyes. 

61. She owns a pair of real hockey skates, a pair passed down to her from my brothers and I. We gave her these skates after we noticed during an open skate she told the attendant that she wanted hockey skates not figure skates.  She refuses to wear figure skates.

62.  She gets embarrassed really easily. If you tell any kind of story about her to someone else, you’ll see her face turn a nice shade of red. 

63. She is really handy for a girl. Not only does she carry a multi-tool in her purse at all times, but she can: change a tire, is certified to work in a wood shop, and can assemble any furniture from the box [most times, stubbornly without reading the directions] She also has a pink tool kit and dreams of someday having a reason to wear a pink tool belt

64.  Taking from the last one, she carries a multi-tool and tape measure in her purse at all times. Yes she does use them almost on a daily basis.

65. Even before the 365 picture challenge, Allison snapped pictures of me and everything else in the world pretty much on a daily basis. Which is why the challenge has been a breeze for her.

66. If Allison has a dream about me being a jerk, for half of the next day she will be actually upset with me before the dream wears off. I find it humorous to be honest.

67. Whenever I do something to her, like tickle her, she always will say in a goofy tone “I don’t like it Mikey, I don’t like it” I tried to get it on video for you but as you know, my girlfriend is quite stubborn.

68. This one breaks my heart. She hates Cheeseburgers and burgers in general, which happens to be my favorite food of all time.

69. Whenever we’re sitting on the couch watching TV and she gets up for something, she will find a way to squish me on her way back to my side. Either by stepping on me, or pushing her hands into my stomach. Isn’t she a doll? Just kidding

70. When she gets hungry and needs food, she will get grumpy. And when she gets grumpy she says grumpy things. So the morale of this story is make sure you feed her when she says she’s hungry.

Ok guys that’s my list. Hope you all enjoyed it, and soon enough Allison will be back from her crazy school schedule.


  1. Awwww, thats so cute!!!!

    my bf also gets grumpy when he is hungry btw :)
    have a nice day guys!!

  2. aww, i love this! i also get hungry and then grumpy and say grumpy things if you don't feed me. and dreams really affect me that way too! once we stayed at a hotel with friends and i had a crazy dream that they were "bad guys" /evil spies and i was a little scared of them the next morning.
    i need to see this "i don't like it Mikey" thing. make it happen :)
    so sweet of you to help allison out!!

  3. I've to admit that I'm pretty much like #66 too. I get upset with my bf if I had a bad dream about him the night before. He thinks it's humourous too, that I will get mad with him about a dream. Haha. :P

  4. oh, i just loved how you are mad at him after a dream. my husband will actually wake me up in the middle of the night and tell me about it, and then he actually acts like i did whatever it was he dreamed about. i can't tell you how much i hate that!!! super funny!


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