happy easter everyone!!!

Happy Easter everyone!!! I hope you have had a great weekend so far and hope today is a load of fun as well! Last night we went to Mike's family's house for a Passover dinner [no, we're not Jewish... but the idea is something to respect] and like all holidays, today we're off to my grandma's for a family dinner.

My mom and I made an edible centerpiece for the dinner. Remember these place holders she made for my grandma? And remember those red velvet cake truffles I made? Well we morphed the two projects together to make an Easter egg cake pop centerpiece!

To make them, we just followed my original recipe but instead of red velvet cake mix, we made confetti cake mix :] My favorite. And used white chocolate for the covering. White chocolate hardens a lot faster than milk chocolate so getting them covered equally in sprinkles was quite a task.

We drilled some holes into scrap 2x4 so the pops could harden and cool in the fridge without messing up their shape.

We stuck each of the pops into a cute painted pot filled with floral foam and covered it with crinkle grass. I can't wait to see what it looks like on the dinner table. Also, remember this Easter tutorial? Well I'm giving it to my grandma today as well!


  1. A: I love what you said about the passover dinner. Jen and I aren't religious, our religion is more "spiritual" but we still celebrate Easter out of respect!

    Also, I love confetti cake and I LOVE that yummy decoration. Great job!!! Hope you had a fantastic day!

  2. Awh this is such a cute idea! I love it!

  3. These are super cute! What a great idea :)


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