hard boiled eggs, colored hands, and a whole lot of fun

One of the most entertaining [and messy!] nights of Spring was held at my house last night. It's Easter Egg dying time again!

From years of experience I've learned that good preparation can save you hours of clean up and time on your hands and knees scrubbing dye out of the floor and table. We used to just put newspaper on the table but the dye always ends up staining the table. Enter garbage bags. A life saver.

Half an hour before anyone even arrive I had already made a mess just setting the dyes up. I experimented with colors and actually made a brown somehow.

Things were surprisingly less messy this year. I always get made fun of because when everyone is already finished with their full dozen, I've only managed to dye one or two eggs. This year, it was my cousin Luke who stole the "Allison title" and managed to create the most eye catching dinosaur egg up there in the corner. I stuck with bright neon colors and kept "accidentally" breaking my eggs so of course, I needed to eat them.

We told Evan how it's impossible to crack an egg by squeezing the ends together. That was about 10 minutes of entertainment for him and then he went back to making eggs.

Over all, it was a really fun night. I love hanging out with my family. Clean up was as simple as rolling up all the trash bags and tossing them in the garbage and we ended the night with pizza and some fun talk. How have you spent your Easter weekend so far?


  1. oh my gosh that looks like so much fun!!

    except for the guy who looks like he is about to squish his egg - that concerns me.

  2. This is great, I love these pictures! Happy Easter! xo

  3. The best ending for the boys was the tub afterwards! Thanks Wilberts for a wonderful annual tradition!

  4. awww lovely colorful eggs!!!


  5. Jen and I are going to color eggs tonight! I AM SO EXCITED!!! I love egg coloring. ^_^ Tonight and tomorrow we will also be doing a ton on World of Warcraft to get our Easter "Noble" title on our favorite characters. ^_^ We love celebrating in-game holidays together, especially now that we're no longer long distance!!!

    We also have a big Easter feast with Jen's parents tomorrow. Ham, mashed potatoes, corn and more. Yum!

  6. Looks like a lot of fun :) I love dying eggs!


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