Indie Showcase | Studio MME

This isn't typical feature for me to do but I came across an amazing artist and I just had to share. Megan of Studio MME dreamed of becoming an artist. Her parents supported this dream and urged her to get a degree in art and English with a simple catch... she had to start up her business before she graduated. She was successful in this goal and was even commissioned to illustrate a book shortly after.

What strikes me the most about her artwork is that it is all done in pen and ink. Every one of her illustrations is beautiful. Take a look...

Megan's Artist Statement:
"Imbued with an Old World style, my quirky pen and ink illustrations shine with childhood wonder.  A sense of humor and an eye for detail lightens the otherwise densely cross-hatched pieces I create.  The Victorian and Edwardian periods continue to fascinate me with their outlandish outfits and moral rigidity.   Using the traditional black and white medium of that time, I feel a connection to that era, although I certainly don’t feel a need for the wardrobe."

If you'd like to see more of Megan's illustrations head over to her website or blog and get to know her a little more! 

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