let's have a picnic

Mike and I loooooove being outside and going on picnics. We've planned a few trips already but never got around to going. This Saturday before my two friends' birthday parties we are planning to go on one finally for real. So to help that along I've decided to make it publicly known on here with some fun inspiration. That way, you guys can hold me accountable :] I've been stressing out so much about getting stuff done I've forgotten to take some time to relax and gather my senses again. And what better way than a picnic!?

I need to find some fun picnic recipes! Do you have any suggestions? Pink lemonade is a must :] I also need to make a picnic blanket! I could just buy one but where's the fun in that??? I'm feeling a tutorial in the making...

A field where no one can see or bother you! Perfect! 

I love those lanterns! When I have my own house I might have to have a special spot outside set up like this for impromptu picnics :] And yay for finally having a bike to go on picnic adventures with

These photo sources and some more inspiration can be found in my Let's Have a Picnic Pinterest board


  1. picnic season is almost here!!! i hope you two go on so many bike picnic dates!!


  2. Those photos really make me want to have a picnic. Love your blog. :)

    ♥ sécia
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  3. Those picnic pics look fancier than some weddings. I love it!

  4. ahh picnics are lovely, unfortunately i dont have places here where i can go for a picnic with my boy.. :(

  5. oh my how lovely! I am looking forward to having a picnic! it sounds so wonderful! Can't wait to hear more about your future picnic.

  6. I got the cutest picnic basket at a flea market about a month ago. If you were closer you could borrow it. :)

  7. This looks so lovely. Now I want to go on a picnic, trouble is my boy and I have very different schedules. I suppose I might just have to take the pup and go it alone. I hope things are starting to look up for you!

  8. I can't wait to have some picnics this year! You are very ambitious to want to build a basket. Generally I'm very dull and just bring a lunch box. Haha. Have fun at the parties!

  9. Love your picnic photo styling inspiration!


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