a little interview...

Good morning! I just wanted to let you guys know about a little interview I did over on Kate's Irrelevant for her "Getting to Know Your Favorite Blogs" feature! Check out my interview here!

Later today, Mike and I will be going on a rainy road trip to Columbus. Why? Because I'm just a little too stressed and need an adventure :] Hopefully some goofy pictures come from it! But until then, take some time to hop over to Kate's blog and learn a little more about Crafted Love and yours truly!

Also! Don't forget to enter Melissa's lovely giveaway here on the blog! You could add an adorable new necklace to your collection simply by commenting!


  1. So I'm new to your blog and I read your "start here" and I must know what your tattoo on your side says! I love interesting tat!

  2. It's lyrics from a lullaby my mom used to sing me. It says "If I could be two places at one time I'd be with you". You can find a picture in my 100 Little Somethings under About Me :]


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